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   To Honor Master Largo for all the work he did on the newsletter we have kept our letter titled Master Largo News.

   Master Largo left for the Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2004. Ziggy left for the Rainbow Bridge November 4, 2005. Andy left for the Rainbow Bridge October 16, 2006. Suzie Q left for the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2011. Possum Left for the Rainbow Bridge February 13, 2012.

   Ziggy, Reporter of a higher order, along with Andy, Suzie Q, & Possum, watching from the Rainbow Bridge.

   Sarah, Senior Reporter, with Daisy, Helper.

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November 2014

Hello cyber friends long time no print.. I have been trying to keep up will all the duties of a reporter but there is just so much to do. I told Mum I needed help, so she told me I could interview some shelter cousins to find someone that will fit the bill, so to speak. It is going to be hard finding someone to fit into Sara's paws.
  The last news letter was in June just after clinic day, it has been a very busy summer and fall. Fur kids in and out. New folks coming and going. Off site events happening. Mum left us for 5 days in September to visit with Miss Kathy and Miss Marilyn, see the Grand Canyon and many other sites. Miss Lisa from Rescuer's Relief came to stay with us while Mum was gone. Our Christmas in October event happened shortly after Mum got home.
  Now to introduce you to our new cub reporter Wilson (looking into the camera) is a camera hound; so he fits the reporter bill to a T. Busy boy, nosy boy, and always looking to get into something. He will be our cub reporter to help me get the news letter out on a regular timely basis again.
  Fall has come to Naples, winter is just around the corner. Mum brought snow down from the hills on her bus Friday morning.
  Volunteers galore in and out all summer to help Mum take care of us. We have some new shelter friends. Fur kids into new homes, more needing a place to land for one reason or another. Campers galore, two long term families. One business of ferrets are here with us for at least a year maybe longer.
  Their Mom is a field nurse in the Army Reserves. She was shipped to Afghanistan in August. Mum told Miss Felicia her fur kids had a home with us for as long as they need it.. Probably a year but could end up more. Mum says she has no desire to be in the Army so she will do what she can to help Felicia do what she does for our Country so Mum can stay home with us.
  The other family has a Mom that works for Corning Glass, she is on an cruise ship working, commissioned for 4 months. Who knew you could blow glass on a cruise ship. Aspen and Oak are here until January. Mum calls them A and O. O is keeping Mum really busy trying to keep her from all manner of trouble, top of the refrigerator at one point. Anyone that knows our Mum knows full well she has our place well ferret proofed but O is pointing things out that Mum would never have thought of. Mum says O is keeping Mum on her toes.
  Mum has some of us on the Christmas Giving Tree (not me I have a far away Mom that will make sure I have a present for Christmas), and we still have some kids that do not have a Santa so if you are interested just use the drop down window, find Lakeroad, click on select and that will take you right to only our fur kids.
  Well Mum says this is long enough, now that I have help our news will be out more on a regular basis.
Enjoy and be happy
  Daisy and Wilson

Clinic Day, 2014

Okay so I got a lot of humans sending me a message that my very first letter I did alone was good, so now I tackle the big one, clinic day!
  Wow what a day. It was crazy clinic day. The weather was awesome! No rain, slight over cast and cool. Just perfect for us ferrets, the humans put on a jacket and all was well. 2 of our cousins left for a new home. Squiggles left to go live with Mr. Pete and Miss Lisa in Newfield, NY. Anastasia left with Mr. Charlie & Master Reilly to live in Eldridge, NY. Miss Gail joined Mr. Charlie and Master Reilly for the day, it was great seeing Miss Gail again. We had many new faces yesterday, lots of old friends.
  Mr Pete and Mr Charlie walked round and round the shelter looking us all over. Mum asked Mr. Pete if he was shopping.. He said yes! Both families have adopted from us many times so it is not uncommon for the families that have adopted to shop for a new fur kid or two when they come to our events. I sit up in my digs and just watch. My far away Mom Marcia came yesterday and took me outside to hang out with her and to play. Miss Tori and Mr Mike took Bandit and Gambit out to hang out, Miss Diane took Frankie out. Miss Mary Ellen took her girls Frenchie, Rizzo and Sandy out for the day. Miss Donna took Dancer. I did not pay much more attention because I was having too much fun with my far away mom.
  Mums says: The help before, during and after... Thank you all for all you did to make Saturday such a success! Clinic day would not be what it is without each and every volunteer, donor and supporter. Carol our youngest volunteer won the $50 gift card that Miss Kathy and Miss Marilyn donated for our sign in table. This was her first clinic day, she her dad seemed to enjoy themselves.
  The food was plenty, the laughs abundant, we ferrets all over the place! The Play yard got quite a work out. Mr. Chris and Miss Erin came up from NYC area with Henry to spend some time with us. Henry looks awesome, he is king of that family. The ferrets all went home exhausted, as I know their humans were feeling. Mum came in looking like she had been run over by a bus!
  The auction went on while Mum was busy packing up fur kids for their new homes. From the few times Mum was walking through the crowd it seemed as though everyone had a good time and many humans walked to their cars with arms full of stuff from raffle and auction.
  As I reported yesterday Miss Priscilla in FL won the urn for the baby food campaign. Miss Wendy captured this picture of Pickles with the display after he saw OFD.


  Miss Nicky got here with the new little girl from Binghamton, Miss Nicky named her Bing and Mum likes the name so that is what we will call her. Bing is a cutie she acts like a ping pong ball, she bounces all over the place, she was dooking this morning when Mum set her into the library. OFD gave her a check-up with shots and said she looks good he thinks she is about 2.
  OFD took Jeffery and Fluffy Ginger with him when he left after clinic day was done, they are to have surgery on Monday morning. OFD said Jeffery's mass is more like the size of a lemon than a walnut and he believes it is on his liver. OFD is more optimistic about being able to fix him, than Mum is. Fluffy Ginger has a small mass on the bottom of her foot that OFD will remove.
  Here is the link to the pictures Miss Wendy and Miss Brie took.
  All in all I think everyone had a great time, I heard some say to Mum as they were leaving we will see you in October for your Christmas in October event.
  As Mum limped up the steps to the house to drop.

Until next month,

May, 2014

Hello cyber friends!
  Daisy and Sarah checking in to bring you up to date on what is going on here at the shelter. We know we have been a bit slow on the news these past few months, no excuse just super busy keeping Mum on track with important things like the play yard reconstruction and getting ready for clinic day. Here is the link to some pictures taken the day everyone was here to fix our play yard.
  Oh my it was a grand day of fun, laughter, hard work and dirty hands. It is done!!! We can play in our play yard and be safe, Bandit and Gambit got to try it out first, first time ever for them to be in it and first after it was fixed. Mum got some video of them. Miss Tori has it posted on their page.
  Thanks everyone for talking Mum into fixing it, and for all the donations and strong backs that came in to help get the job done!

Daisy Here: Hey Sarah you're a bit long winded girl, let's get on with it!
  Clinic day is just 14 days from today. How fast that has gotten here. So much to do; to get ready for all the folks that will stop by to join in the fun. Here is the link to see all about it. You do not need to see OFD to enjoy the day. It is a fun day to just get to know one another better or meet new shelter friends, talk about fur kids, eat good food, get in on the raffles and most fun of all watch Miss Mary B do her thing as auctioneer!
  She does get the crowed riled up! Our auction is made up of donations that have come in throughout the year, June to June. Ferret related and then some. What ever comes in that Mum can not use for us fur kids or around the shelter she packs up and sets aside for Miss Mary to auction off. All proceeds go to us shelter fur kids.
  Mum got word that Miss Erin and Mr. Chris are going to bring Henry so Mum can see him again. He is living down near Queens! Mum is just so excited to love on him again even if it is just for a short time.

Sarah Here: Now we have a very important question, Mum is looking for a "hand me down" you know how Mum prefers to recycle things if she can so before she goes out to spend money on something she looks around to see if anyone has one sitting in a corner basement or garage not being used. Here is what is going on.
  The humidity is high enough that it is not only making our food yucky; (she had to toss some in the trash it was so bad) it is setting off our smoke alarms. Mum woke to one screaming at 1 am in the shelter because it was so humid. So she is looking for a used dehumidifier to be passed on to us.. Mum has been on line looking at them and they are pretty pricey, so if there is one out there not being used she would just as soon accept a hand me down/recycle to another home than go buy one. If you have one sitting around will you let her know please?
  That alarm screaming in the middle of the night in our shelter is a very rude awakening! To say nothing of how it hurts our ears until Mum hears it to come take the battery out of the silly smoke alarm so it stops.

Daisy Here: Speaking of hand me downs/recycle we had a bunch of reptile stuff passed on to us.. to think some humans believe we are reptiles.. HUMPH!
  Reptiles don't have fur WE DO! We generate our own heat we DO NOT use heat rocks to keep warm! Anyway Mum asked us to see if there were any of you cyber friends out there that could use it.. it is a Hodge Podge of stuff but she does not want to send it to the landfill - there must be some scaly critter out there that could/would like to use it. Let us know she will pack it up and get it to you. She says first come first serve though.
  Well Sarah I think we have gotten the news done. We hope to see you on clinic day.. Ta Ta for now.
Daisy and Sarah - Keeping Mum on her toes!

April, 2014

  Hey cyber friends the time is getting near, just one month away and we gather to work on and fix our play yard. We fur kids are getting so excited knowing so many of you are going to take time away from your daily duties and family to spend time here at the shelter helping us get our play yard back up and running.
  Miss Bonnie G and Miss Trish W. sent monies (they live far far away) to get food and drinks for all the workers. Thanks ladies we gotta keep the human furnace fueled if we want them to work. Miss Patty S is sending gloves and knee pads for the workers to save their hands and knees from being hurt while they move these heavy blocks. (she too lives far far away)
  So mark your calendars for Saturday May 17th rain date Sunday May 18th. here is the link to our calendar so you can keep track of the shelters goings on.
  We think spring is finally here, Mum has our porch up and running, Miss Wendy L has the requests for donations out for our clinic day event June 14th, Mum is taking registrations at this time, if you want to see what is open and fill out the form you can go here.
  Miss Tori is so clever to get these things right on our web site to make things real easy for all you humans! Thanks Miss Tori. Requests for surrenders are starting to roll in by leaps and bounds. We took in 2 little girls at the end of March, looks like 2 more are coming in this week. Sadly we have had several losses, you can find them here if you wish.
  Mum has been busy trying to get things outside cleaned up, her 2 legged furless grand kid Baily came one day to help get some things done that Mum was unable to do on her own. HA! like climb ladders.... she hates climbing ladders! So Baily did that for her and fixed the things that needed fixing by way of a ladder.
  We have managed to settle things out for volunteers and Petco stores that want us to spend time educating folks about ferrets.. We will be in Auburn Petco on April 26th 11 am and Canandaigua Petco May 24th 11 am. We would love for you to drop in to say hi. Little Maggie left for a new home you can find her updates here.
  We have had several fur kids that needed to see OFD in emergency mode so we have had several volunteers drop what they were doing to help us out. Then more volunteers bring them home. Thanks Miss Brie M, Mr Charlie K and Miss Donna Z for being there for us. We had a couple of fur kids that needed help, intervention and saving, Miss Cynthia saw what was needed, contacted Mum. Mum contacted Miss Nicky (she was in the area that fur kids were being held) Miss Cynthia did some of the negotiations with the uninformed family, Miss Nicky did more and saved the 2 fur kids from certain death. We have the most amazing shelter friends, thanks Miss Cynthia and Miss Nicky for saving our cousins.
  We have a new family that is interested in Frankie they have come a couple of times to spend the day playing with us fur kids, Johnny likes Frankie the best. so that is who he gets to hang out with when they come.
  Well Daisy we did our news a bit different this time around we will let folks decide if they like it better or they like the old way of doing things. I know Sarah I am not sure I like it but I know we started out just going to do the weasel dance, we are excited, reminder of our play yard date. We got carried away and did the news too. So cyber friends let us know what you think.

For now have a great month we will see you on May 17th to get our play yard fixed for us to use this summer.
  Sarah and Daisy

February/March 2014

Sarah Here: Whooo Hooooo what a winter we have had in Naples, New York this year! Crazy {{{{{{cold}}}}} so cold that Mum has worn her silly Panda Bear hat in the house all winter long.

Daisy Here: Not only has it been cold it has been lonely, my far away mom went to Florida, Miku and Kiwi's far away mom and dad were in Florida, Thelma and Louise's far away moms went to California. Mum says they are called snow birds when they leave New York for warmer places in the country.
  Lots has been going on, Mum, Miss Brie and Miss Tori went to Genesee College to show us off and enlighten the students in the vet tech classes. You can see the pictures of the students examining and loving on us.

Sarah Here: Hey don't forget the volunteers that set up at Petco in Mattydale NY to help show folks how cool we are. Miss Mary Ellen, Mr. Charlie and Master Reilly spent the day with the Petco staff showing off the Keenen fur kids. They are shelter kids adopted from here by the Keenen family. Mum and Miss Carolyn set up in Canandaigua Petco. Because Mum has been so busy we have been doing update bursts on our Facebook page, Miss Sheilla makes that happen for us! Thanks Miss Sheilla. Miss Tori does the web site when Mum gets the stuff she needs to her, Tori has the shelter thank you list up, WOW it is impressive! thanks Miss Tori it looks great.
  We have had a few fur kids leave for Rainbow Bridge. However Bandit and Gambit that came to the shelter back in December are doing great, Mum took them to Canandaigua Petco to show the staff how much better they are doing since the staff called her to help the boys. Matter of fact they just got a far away mom; Miss Lauri in Minnesota contacted Mum this morning to tell her she wanted the boys to be her far away kids. Wow what lucky boys they are to have a far way mom to love them and help Mum take care of them.

Daisy Here: Hey Sarah don't forget, SOS and FACT joined together to make a new place to list and find shelters that help ferrets, Mum got our information on their site already. It is pretty cool because Mum can make the changes that come about and do the updates, it is no longer something that needs to be sent to a 3rd party to get done. Way to go Support Our Shelters (SOS) and Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc (FACT)!
  It looks like little Maggie will be going to her new 4-ever home this weekend if things go as planned, she fell in love with Kyle and his family. Mum helped post-op 3 fur kids for the Keenen family that had surgery, (Mum is home more to make sure they can be souped every couple of hours) so she offered to do that for the Keenen's. We had Fiona here for camp at the same time, It has been a really busy winter.
  We even had to make an emergency run to Our Favorite Doc (OFD) with Teddy last week. Miss Donna Z met Mum 1/2 way so Mum could get back to Naples in time to go to work on the Big Yellow Thingy, the 2 legged furless kids had 1/2 day that day. Anyway Teddy had pneumonia and OFD was not so sure he was going to be able to save him but he did! Teddy went to Doc on Friday morning and Saturday morning OFD called Mum to say he could come home. Mr. Charlie K. was already going to go get his fur kid Monster Man so he told Doc and Mum he would bring Teddy home. Mum is still treating Teddy with his medicine but he is doing so much better!

Sarah Here: Hey save me some news girl! Miss Donna D. - Miss Kathy H. - Miss Donna Z. - Miss Carolyn B - Mr Charlie K. - Master Reilly K. - Miss Marcia C. have dropped in to help Mum with various things when all the poo does not hit the fan and put Mum on the road headed towards Brockport.
  We want to bring you up to date on the Play Yard Project - the work date is May 17th rain date May 18th food and drinks will be provided for the workers. Mum needs to know if you plan to help so she has enough food and drinks to go around. You can E-mail Daisy and I personally if you are interested in helping us save our play yard. sarahknowsitall@live.com (Sarah) ferretfarm1@kwflatbed.com (Daisy) We are so lucky to have so many of you that feel our play yard is important enough to save for us fur kids. We have the bestest shelter friends in the world. One more thing then Mum says it is time to get this news out, we got to meet a new family from Geneva, they used to have ferrets but their last one left for Rainbow Bridge. Miss Diane and Mr John brought us all the ferret stuff they had, then when they were here Mum brought them in to see us fur kids, they loved on us. We as so glad they liked what they saw, Miss Diane told folks on our Facebook page what she thought.. Thanks for dropping in Miss Diane come again soon. Gotta run!
Until next time
  Sarah and Daisy

January, 2014

Sarah Here: Okay Daisy I am done waiting for Mum! I have had enough sitting on my tail waiting for the list of things to report! We know how to write and know what goes on so we will just start from scratch for the year and get some news out to folks...

Daisy Here: Sarah are you out of your fuzzy little brain? YOU are going to do the news without Mum's notes and consent? Are you on a suicide mission girl? Mum will skin that furry little body of yours for sure!

Sarah Here: Look Daisy you know Mum has been up to her ears in things around here, we have shelter volunteers that have had family medical things going on so Mum has had to take over getting us fur kids to doc on her "off from the Big Yellow Thingy" time, she spent the day after Christmas and the Day after New Years on the road getting us to and from Our Favorite Doc (OFD). Then the day after Christmas 15 minutes after she got home from taking some of us fur kids to OFD she got a call from Canandaigua Petco folks that 2 ferrets had been turned into them could Mum help. Mum hopped back in the van to go pick them up. They were in BAD shape! Mum had to leave 2 of the 3 ferrets she took to OFD that day; Bella and Fluffy Ginger they were having surgery so the next day Mum met with Miss Stephanie in Avon to get the girls home.
  Thanks Miss Steph for picking the girls up from doc and getting them 1/2 way home to Mum. Mum got the 2 new Canandaigua Petco boys into OFD the day after New Years for check up and hurt sticks. They were in better shape when OFD saw them but they are in much better shape now. You can see the updates on our Facebook page. Mum is working on getting the updates too Miss Tori for our web site. Mum even took them to the store that contacted Mum to show them off when she and Miss Donna set up on the 18th.

Daisy Here: I hear what you are saying but man Sarah you are really pushing your luck putting the news out without Mum's knowledge! YOU know what a control freak she is!

Sarah Here: Well maybe this will help Mum and she will not feel like she is being swallowed up with shelter duties and things that are all shelter stuffs! We seem to have lost about two months here at the shelter. Christmas and New Years has come and gone. The giving tree folks did a fine job making our Christmas full of fun and new things to sleep in and play with. Thank you cards are out so if you did not get one from your giving tree kid please let Mum know so she can fix that. The surprise you and I asked Miss Sheilla to help with was a huge success, Mum is working on the thank you cards for that! Miss Ili, Miss Tori, Miss Donna, Mr. Mike, and Miss Marcia have been here to help in the past 2 months.

Daisy Here: Well I suppose since I am second in command I may as well jump in with some news; we can both get skinned if Mum thinks we are out of line, AND YOU KNOW she is going to think we are out of line! So here goes. I have some important information Mum tries to get Miss Sheilla the latest and the greatest updates for our Facebook page Miss Sheilla does an awesome job keeping that up. Mum also gets Miss Tori the information for the web site; she keeps up with that for us. Thanks Ladies for all you do for us. Our shelter Gmail account is for board purposes Mum rarely looks there so if you want her to respond or reach her please use this address ferretfarm@frontiernet.net . If you send emails though Facebook Miss Sheilla has to pass them on to Mum. Mum does not have access to the Facebook page, again Mum is better reached at the frontier account.
  Also if you are wondering what is going on at the shelter and when; you can go to our Web Site Calendar, that is the same page you can find our educational events, past events and even our open house video Miss Mary Ellen put together for us, she did an awesome job on that.

Sarah Here: As we have stated Mum has had some shelter duties that others have carried for her for a while placed back on her shoulders so it may take her a bit longer to respond to you if you email her. This may be our last news letter if Mum skins Daisy and I so cross your fingers and paws Mum understands we were just trying to help.
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years
For now,
  Sarah and Daisy