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Milo, Sugar & Stevie

   • Surrendered to the Shelter December 11, 2010.

   • Milo was a dark, champagne male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge July 17, 2013.
   • Sugar was a chocolate sable female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge November 10, 2012.
   • Stevie was a silver male. He found a Forever Home on January 30, 2013! He left for the Rainbow Bridge March 7, 2013.

   • Stevie has a far away mom in Atlanta, GA.


July 17, 2013:
  Milo earned his wings.

March 7, 2013:
  Stevie earned his wings.
  After much discussion (speaker phone) on possible treatment, hearing that Doc was getting sludge out of Stevie’s prostate I made the decision he did not need to be that uncomfortable any longer. We will let him go; Tori will take him home until she comes to Naples the next time.

March 1, 2013:
  AM: I am not 100% sure if I am overworrying, but Stevie seems to be unsettled. He paces until I either tuck him in, or hold him until he goes to sleep. I managed to get him to sleep about 2hrs uninterrupted, but then when I put him back into the pen so I could nap, he just began pacing. Earlier this morning he was walking fairly ok, went thru the tubes, dug in the dig box...typical things he usually does. I washed him up before I tucked him in, and gave him some cream...maybe that's why he is a bit off? I was as gentle as I could be while applying it so that I didn't cause any pain.
  I had to go to work, so I hope he will settle down now that I'm not around... Am I worrying too much?
  Brenda AM: He is telling you he is uncomfortable. Yeah something is up How is that urine burn better? Urine burn is very painful so you will need to keep a lot of cream on him; I would stop washing it off just keep more on him if he has the same redness he had when he was here. Maybe the mass in his abdomen is causing him some discomfort. No I do not think you are this time. If you need me to come get him tomorrow I will – I have pain meds here but they are injectable. If he is still acting off when you get home call me.
  PM #1: His urine burn has totally subsided. I wash any residual stuff off, then re-apply twice a day.
  I am worried about the mass, yes. I will see how he is tonight.
  PM #2: Quick update before I settle down for the night. He ran thru the cloth tube I have set up as a wind guard a few times, mozeyed around with Nora, then I put him into the dig box, where he dug, dug, dug, then settled down. I just now wrapped him up and tucked him into his pen...all is quiet and calm here. I suspect I was over worrying...he was acting like he normally does, exploring and whatnot.

March 1, 2013:
  AM: How should I go about making an appointment for Stevie? I cleaned Nora's ears lastnight; just light orangish brown wax. Nothing like what you were showing me. I am going to give her the Revolution tomorrow, as well as Stevie. I washed him up lastnight and gave him another coat of the cream. He did not appreciate that at all. I'm beginning to feel bad, I don't want to cause him any physical discomfort....but maybe he just is not thrilled with the water?
  Brenda AM: Tell them you need an appointment for a FERRET shelter kid… Doc Edwards is the only one in the practice that treats ferrets, they have him on record – I just spoke to them to tell them you would be making an appointment for him… He is still on our active shelter list. So you make it when it is good for you. Doc is off on Tuesdays so that is not an option. None of them are crazy about water especially when it is our idea not theirs.
  AM #2:I scheduled an appointment for next Thursday @ 11AM. If it's an emergency, I can go in earlier, she said. Stevie is in the dig box right now, so I'll let him play in there. He LOVES that dig box. That is true about the water. Nora hates baths, so I don't give them to her.

February 28, 2013:
  Stevie is going through tubes with Nora. I swapped out his bedding in the pen, so now he is ready to go! I will most likely wash off the ointment tonight, then put a new coat on before bed.

February 20, 2013:
  Things are going ok. Stevie has been doing great. He's so alert and active.
  Nora has been sometimes wandering over to see what he is up to, but not as much as before. They do their thing.

February 13, 2013:
  Last night was a good night for Stevie! He walked around, slowly but steady, no slipping at all! He was a busy bee! Nora and him had a face to face meet lastnight. Dooking ensued, and Nora ran right off the moment Stevie made a movement closer to her. They are on friendly terms, even if from a distance.
  I decided to wash one carpet square at a time. I don't know how long it will take for them to dry, so I'll just do this. He uses the rug that you let me borrow in his pen, and the carpet squares in the bathroom, so he isn't in there all the time.
  I'm currently watching Nora watch Stevie explore. I wish I knew what was going on in her head. She is just so cute!

February 11, 2013:
  Nora has gotten close a few times to sniff at his tail when he is checking out a bag or a box, or whatever. She skitters away if he moves, though. He either remains oblivious or just doesn't care.
  Nora doesn't really care for the octopus bed, so I'm sure she will not mind if Stevie borrows it for a bit. I have been swapping beds out between the two of them, so he doesn't get bored.
  Tonight I need to wash the carpet squares that I have in the bathroom for Stevie. I'll do that tonight most likely. He has been getting better with using the litter pads, but sometimes he misses.

February 10, 2013:
  Last night was a good night for Stevie! He woke up, ate his soup and was on a mission to explore the house for a whole half hour! Then he found a paper bag and decided that was a good spot to stop for the night. I put him back in his pen and tucked him into his tent.
  Poops are good today and he is still peeing a good amount. He may have just been in a slump.
  Nora wants so bad to play with him. She watches him from a distance and follows where he goes. Then she will get brave for a moment and move up to sniff his tail, dook dook and run away. Stevie is either oblivious or could care less about her. It really is a cute sight.

February 9, 2013:
  AM: Brenda,
  Stevie has been having either thick, pasty dark brown poops or light brown mucousy poops. He has been eating and drinking just fine, granted he isn't eating a TON, but he is eating. He doesn't make any sounds of pain when he moves around, or uses the bathroom. No signs of strain either.
  He is also sleeping quite a bit more. Maybe I'm just overworrying... Advice?
  - Tori

  PM: That makes sense. He doesn't wander a whole bunch, so his body doesn't need the energy.
  Yes, he eats ALL his soup. I gave him 3 helpings yesterday, and he was thrilled! He took a nice nap in the cuddle cup I gave him. He sleeps all curled up! SO CUTE. I want to just camp out next to him and sleep on the floor with him...but I somehow don't think he or Nora would like that.
  I am going to strip his pen again tonight, so I'll be able to see any new poops and take pictures if need be!
  - Tori

February 6, 2013:
  Big change! Nora has been dooking around Stevies cage today. It's pretty cute. Stevie just watches her. I guess she likes him now!
  Stevie was out and about for a long time today. He went through a box, climbed over a bag, busy little thing!
  Nora is so intent on watching him. It's really cute. I wonder if Stevie sees her as a friend as well?

February 6, 2013:
  Stevie is snuggled up next to me on the couch. He had his soup and wandered around the house for a little bit...now he's napping.
  Yesterday he was a busy bee. He wandered and wandered then began looking for a blanket. I tucked him in and he went right to sleep. His poop is really good, actually. He's also peeing quite a bit. Good appetite, too.
  I think the one time he was looking for an area to sleep, but I did not have a place setup. Once I tucked him in, he settled right down. I will setup a couple bed areas for him to pick in the play area I have for him.
  I'm sure I will pick up on his habits.


January 31, 2013:
  Stevie did great! I gave him a bowl of soup, he ate it all, then wandered around the house while I followed him. Then we sat and he napped. I tucked him into bed around 11pm.
  He is up, I've given him soup. He pooped and peed and is done wandering around and checking out boxes in the kitchen. He is a slow but steady little guy! I know he wants to explore all the stuff I have, but 15 minutes of wandering in my area I setup for him is enough for a little bit. How much time wandering is too much time to wander?
  I have him tucked in again. Nora is not really sure what to make of him. She pretty much ignored him yesterday...but now she just watches him. I don't want her to be jealous or angry at me! I am paying a ton of attention to her, but she is kind of ignoring me now.

January 30, 2013:
  Tori and I got every play area attended to papers pulled put clean down food stations done and trash out. we had a good productive day We got Stevie ready to go, he needed a bath so Tori got him cleaned up then I took picture of him and his new mom before they left.

Stevie: At my new home: Hello, Mum! I am settled in good. I snoozed in the camper while Tori unpacked, and now I am snoozing in her lap!
  I ate some food, drank some water and pooped! It has been a nice day.
  I love you! - Stevie


January 27, 2013:
  I got word from Tori that she is going to take Stevie home with her to love on and care for. He loves her; she has the time to pamper him and give him the extra special one on one I do not have time for.
  He is at the end of his life and deserves to have this kind of love for the remainder of his life. It is also going to help Tori to grow and get more experience with sick kids.


December 21, 2012:
  Dear Miss Kelly – thank you for picking me now that Fenton has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Mum took a picture of me for you.


December 17, 2012:
  Stevie was crying this afternoon, pacing I have a feeling we may have urine crystals, I gave him some pain meds, started him on antibiotics with some soup which he ate right away. The bleeding has stopped so I hope what was bothering him has fixed its self. I will continue to monitor him; he has stopped pacing and is no longer crying, pain meds should have worn off by now so I am pretty sure it is not the pain meds at this point. Maybe he is/was developing a UTI and starting him on the Moxy has started working already. He has his second dose in tonight's soup; he appears to be sleeping comfortably at the moment. His poo looks good there are some wet spots on the paper. Crossing fingers we caught this in time.

November 11, 2012:
  AM: Stevie ate some soup for me this morning; Sugar was peeking out the cage waiting for her soup when I got down stairs.
  PM: As I stated Sugar has earlier gone, when I was holding her and telling her how much I love her I was palpating her, I could feel a lemon size mass in her abdomen it is no wonder the pred did not seem to be making a huge difference.

November 10, 2012:
  AM: Stevie is hanging in eating and drinking poo looks good, I have been penning him in the upstairs bathroom for the day, that way he gets out and about for some excursive but does not leave poo all over the floor for me to walk though, he is so incontinent that there is no telling where you will find what he left.
  PM: Sugar is really struggling; Donna had to hold her up so she could eat her soup and meds tonight.

November 8, 2012:
  I heard Stevie up last night he sounded like he has an upset tummy.
  I found Sugar staggering and stumbling around last night when I got home from work. She and Milo normally get a bowl of soup together, last night I started them on their own soup bowls so I could make sure Sugar gets the meds I put in her soup. She looked a bit brighter this morning and responded better when I woke her to check on her. I did separate soup this morning as well, that is what we will continue to do.

November 6, 2012:
  Stevie is still with us.

November 5, 2012:
  Stevie is hanging in.

November 4, 2012:
  AM: I have many black puddles in the pen for Spike and I was woken several times by Stevie crying out.
  Mid AM: Stevie was up eating so he just got a bath and was put in the bathroom to spend the day so he can get up and move around to get some exercise.

October 31, 2012:
  Stevie actually got up to eat his soup this morning!

August 19, 2011:
  I had the best surprise ever this morning – when I get done with meds and soup in the shelter I come up to take care of the sick ones in my space – in the sick pen – treat sickest ones last so I do as little passing this around as I can.
  As I was getting the fluids put up – meds set up – while doing all this - I was prepping myself for a cool body in the pen – when all of a sudden Stevie comes out from under his blankets walks over to the pen - stands up on his hind legs to tell me it is time to let me out of here!
  He no longer looks like he feels poorly – he no longer needs fluids – I will continue with meds and carafate to keep his tummy protected.
  Today is an awesome day for Stevie!

August 16, 2011:
  I found I think Stevie with real slimy green poo this morning – all over the ferret room floor – so I will start him on Albon he is still eating and drinking – the reason I think it is Stevie is because he acted a bit out of sorts when I found him – Milo and Sugar were bouncing around when they came out.

Holiday Gifts, 2010:
  Hey Mr. Tim – we got to open presents today - we love what you sent and that the crew you sent it to shared with us – we have only been here 2 weeks – we are starting to like it here – especially since we got presents – Stevie, Milo and Sugar