Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

Flume, AKA Farnsworth & Odessa, AKA Odie

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on January 28, 2017. Odie found a Forever Home September 3, 2017!
   • Farnsworth was a brown sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge July 10, 2017.
   • Odessa is a panda wannabe female.

   • They have a not so far away, far away Mom in W. Henrietta, NY.

   • Read about how they arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

September 3, 2017:
  Janette came in about 11 with her sister Sue to pick up Odessa AKA Odie. Janette told me last week she was going to shorten her name. Odie went nuts when Janette walked in, I had her in the kitchen waiting for Janette.

July 10, 2017:
  Farnsworth is gone. I will move Odessa over to the south bank of cages and move Snowball into the cage Odessa and Farnsworth were in. Odessa is not on meds Snowball is. It will make it easier for me to remember to do his meds.

July 9, 2017:
  I found Tic and Farnsworth in a full blown crash this morning. Tic's BG meter read LOW; Farnsworth's meter read 69. I gave them both a Dex shot. Tic was back at 9 had soup at 11 - he had his soup and meds tonight. When I went to get Farnsworth up to give him his soup he had his face in the dish I put ferretone in and unresponsive. When I got him out of the cage I discovered he is bleeding out. I put him and his sissy Odessa in the play pen. Farnsworth will be gone by morning.

June 4, 2017:
  Farnsworth and Odessa - were up in the top sleep boxes they were wrestling and jumping. Odessa jumped high enough fell over and out of the top box. I was trying to get them to stop I was standing under the box they were rough housing in I could not catch her. She is fine, I put them in the play pen so I could keep an eye on her to make sure she was okay.

May 29, 2017:
  I did a big OOPS last night , I gave Farnsworth his soup, he can have his in his cage. When I got down stairs this morning I discovered I had not made sure the cage door was secured. The door was wide open and the kids were out of the cage. Their cage is 4' off the floor, I got lucky they did not get hurt. Odessa came out to see what I was doing, I had to look for Farnsworth.

April 5, 2017:
  I have been finding more than just Mike in the playpen with others lately, they discovered they could go to the top sleep box push through the coroplast and get down the back of the cage, then into the playpen. I found Odessa in the pen with the long island kids. I stopped what I was doing to fix the problem yesterday morning.

March 20, 2017:
  First thing this morning I was getting my coat on to go to work. I heard screaming in the other room so I took off to see what was going on. Farnsworth and Odessa were in the playroom, long Island 5 in the play pen. Odessa decided to get herself into the play pen. Reggie was having none of it, he was beating the snot out of her, she was screaming bloody murder.
  I had put Junior in the kitchen so I set Odessa into the bathroom, saw who I thought was Farnsworth set him in there too. It turns out it was not Farnsworth, Odessa was getting beat up again. I thought maybe I had mixed him up with Jax so I went up to see if it was really Jax in the upstairs bathroom.. It was, I am now holding a ferret that I have no idea who it is, it is getting late I need to get my butt to work. I start looking at room tags, I realize Bain had gotten into the playroom with Odessa and Farnsworth. I put him back into the ferret room with his brother, start looking for Farnsworth he was up top in the sleep box. I got them all sorted out and headed off to work.

February 18, 2017:
  Flume and Odessa were in the library.. I have not put Flume on the scale again but he feels like he has already gained some weight. He is eating well and is up and moving more, he looks like he is feeling better. He took his meds tonight by dropper but ate a full bowl of soup after.

February 12, 2017:
  Farnsworth is feeling better, he was actually chasing me this morning, jumping on my legs.. he is on Pred 2 times a day taking soup like a pro.
  Odessa and Penelope look so much alike I had to put a blue dot on Penelope's head to make sure I did not mix them up.

February 4, 2017:
  Farnsworth and Odessa are doing well too. Farnsworth feels more solid but when I put him on the scale this morning he had only gained an ounce. He is defiantly feeling better.

January 31, 2017:
AM Update: Flume - I really don't like that name, anyway he ate his soup on his own out of a bowl with meds.. life is good.

Flume - I've had several suggestions for names - Brie said there is a ride called log flume.. go figure! Patty sent her suggestion too, all were good but I decided on Farnsworth - Odessa is a town in TX - so Ili sent me a link for towns in TX - I wanted to keep the name in the "F" family because I have already named his file and pictures, I did not want to have to change all of them then move to a new file. I did that with Fawn/Shasta - I lost a few of her pictures for a while because I could not remember where I put them.
  He looks like a Farnsworth.. he was actually investigating things today. When I gave him his meds tonight he had them in the bowl, when he finished that bowl he was looking for more, I gave him a second bowl. He ate every drop.

January 29, 2017:
  The two new kids had lots of poop in their poo box.. what goes in must come out. I am pleased they are eating. The little girl is full of energy - I do believe she may be 9 mo old, her brother however I believe is not.
  I did get his BG done this morning, his numbers were 53. I started him on 1/4 tab of Pred in a dropper of soup. He ate every bit, then wanted more. I gave him a bowl of soup he at most of it on his own. I got them weighed she is 2.4# he is 2.2# he needs some work.
  They came in with the names M-Flume FM- Odessa I am not sure we are keeping either of the names. I will give it a few days before I make that decision. I can live with the name Odessa I don't think I can live with the name Flume.

January 29, 2017:
  the 2 new kids got here about 11..Flume is doing better. He was a bit more active when they were out this morning, eating lots and lots. I had to add food to their dish tonight when I was checking poo pans before shutting down.
  He got his meds tonight in a dropper, took them without any problems, I offered him a bowl of soup when he finished the dropper, he went right for it, ate all that was in the bowl so I put another bowl in front of him he ate most of that. We will get his weight up in no time as long as he likes soup.

January 28, 2017:
  The two new kids - the girl is a panda wannabe, silver in most of her coat, but a full white head to her shoulders. I say wannabe because there are small streaks of silver in her head fur. The little boy it is obvious he is not feeling well, we tried to get his temp but that did not work. He does not want, like or know what ferretone is. He is a brown sable, too thin and not enough weight on him. I tried them on soup soon after they got here. He took maybe 10 ml from the dropper, she took about 5 ml . I did not try again I will leave them to settle in their cage and try again in the morning. I would like to get a BG on him in the morning. The medical records say his BG was 60, but we do not know what they were eating. He did not seem to be interested in the food Janette had put in the carrier dish. I put a dish of Marshalls only in the cage, he had his face in the bowl eating. I hope he eats well during the night. There were no medical records for the little girl.


Initial Contact, Friday January 27, 2017:
  We got a call from Rochester Animal Services this evening. They had 2 ferrets surrendered to them, they do not have the facilities to care for the ferrets, supposedly one of them has Insulinoma but I was told they are 9 mo old.
  They asked if we would take them. Janette is going to go pick them up and then I am going to meet up with her someplace to get them from her after the volunteer/Community Service kid leave. They leave a noon; Animal services open at 11 - Janette and I will connect in the morning by telephone to coordinate the meet up place and time.

January 28, 2017:
AM Update: I found a phone message from someone offering to help with the 2 new kids that need to be picked up from Rochester Animal Services...I do not recognize the voice and did not identify yourself.. could you please call me this morning so we can see if you can meet up with Janette for transport?
  I assume it is someone on this list because no one else knows about the pick-up.
PM Update: Wow - what a day...the mystery caller was Ili...she and Janette got the 2 fur kids transported. Ili met up with Janette in Bloomfield then brought them the rest of the way home. Ladies thank you for your help.