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Phoenix, AKA Dak

   • Phoenix, AKA Dak has a new home as of November 9, 2000!
   • Dak was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 23, 2006.

  Dak went to live in Ithaca, NY with a devoted dadster.

February 23, 2006:
Brenda,   Dak crossed over today,
  Dak was more or less as you saw her at camp last week, until sometime Tuesday night. When I awoke on Wed. I she did not have anything to eat overnight and it appeared that perhaps nothing to drink either. I offered her food and treats, but she did not want. So we went to the soup diet. She did like soup until the end. But throughout Wed. she got worse. We went to Cornell Wed. afternoon, but they did not really have anything good to do. By Wed. night she needed help getting in and out of the sleep sack and getting to and from the "bathroom" which was only 2 feet away. She did not get up at all except when I woke her for soup or she had to go pee/poop. She was gone by 1 pm today. My place seems completely empty without her.

March 9, 2005:
  Dak has been great since we got back. I, on the other hand, have been sick since we got back over two weeks ago. Fortunately, Dak did not get whatever version of the flu I got.

August 26, 2004:
  I took Dak to Dr. Chris today for her blood glucose test. She scored a 66, which I understand is borderline. She has also just begun losing fur on her back. I don't think it is a coat change (just doesn't look right). I suspect that I will be going back to Brockport in the not too distant future for possible both adrenal and Insulinoma, although right now we are waiting to see what happens. She is still very active, has a good appetite, and is full of energy.

Dak at camp, July 14, 2004:
Dear dad,
  Boy did I have an adventure today. I sneaked out of Aunt Brenda's living room and got way up on the window screen.... NO Aunt Brenda did not have anything near the window; I is just a smart little girl.. I figured it out even with the window fan in the window running.. anyway Aunt Brenda discovered I had gotten through the screen way up high ( Aunt Brenda says second story) and I got out of the house. ( I waited till she was sleeping last night) I heard her at 6:30 in the morning. Then Aunt Brenda, Mr. Dale, Miss Jen and Mr. Dave were all squeaking toys and making bells ring, I just ignored them so I could stay out and have my fun. I heard Aunt Brenda calling and calling me, crying her eyes out; getting soaking wet in the rain but I was having so much fun that I just kept on playing all by myself. Miss Jill came over about 6 PM she was calling and whistling to me too, finally she found me hiding in a box out in the shed. Aunt Brenda just hugged and cried and kissed and loved me all over.. GEEEEZZZZZZZ I was having fun and Miss Jill ruined it for me.. Anyway Aunt Brenda brought me in the house, checked me all over, said I was one lucky little girl, ( and so was she) what does she mean by that dad? she gave me soup, checked me all over again and then started loving on me all over. I wanted to go see the window but Aunt Brenda has me LOCKED in the living room and now she has this really hard stuff over the screen ( she calls it hardware cloth) I can't get through that... dumb Aunt Brenda always raining on my parade!!!!!! Tell Aunt Brenda I can go outside by myself to play just like I did at our house dad.. Pleeeaaaase tell her it is okay... She says I will be getting put in a cage if she has to leave the house she don't trust me NO more!!!!
  I love you dad, thanks for letting me come to camp this is way too much fun...
  Aunt Brenda says hell will freeze over before she lets me out of the living room when she is home, and I had better get use to a cage because that is where I am going when she is NOT home.. she may even make me be in a cage when she sleeps... I think I pushed her a bit tooooo far, what do you think dad?