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Crumb Bum & Kalie

   • They arrived at the Shelter in August 2006.
   • Crumb Bum was a brown sable female, DOB approx 2001. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on October 11, 2008.
   • Kalie was an albino female, DOB approx 2001. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on November 19, 2009.

   • Crumb Bum & Kalie had a far away Moms in NM!

  Crumb Bum & Kalie came from a home that loved them but mom had some real crap going on in her life, so she asked me if I would take them. Both girls were awful bitters. Their current mom got them from an abusive neglectful home. Margaret understood the girls enough to know she was going to get bit but was unable to change it. She knew if they went anywhere else they would not be understood and cared for. So I did agree to take them. They were here only days when crumb got a hold of my right hand at the wrist. She bit so severely that she damaged nerves in my hand. I was about a month without feeling in some of my fingers. The only reason she let go was to get a better grip.
  I worked with her and her sissy. Kalie came around easily with my love and care. Crumb however was a harder case. I had resigned myself to the fact that she may NEVER come around. Crumb has done wonderful. One morning when I was getting the girls up; (Crumb and Kalie know they get up first) they dance and prance until I open the cage, this particular morning I opened the cage, Crumb was right there in the front as usual. I put my hand in the cage and she lunged grabbing my wrist.
  I do not know what it was I did to take her back to the old times but for a second she thought she was some place different. She did not latch on, she did not break the skin, she really did not hurt me, it was like she realized when she got my hand that I was safe and she did not need to bite. Crumb let go immediately. I picked her up, talking softly to her, asked her what I had done to frightened her, and offered her some ferretone from the bottle. Crumb had some licks; I set her into the play room she was to go in, again happy and secure. She is lovingly called Crumb Bum.
  After note: I had parked the newest surrenders in the cage UNDER the girls. Crumb was upset with the new neighbors, once I moved the neighbors out into a new cage away from the girls Crumb settled down again.


November 19, 2009:
  Dear far away mom, I am writing this message from Rainbow Bridge, I had to leave because I was old and tired, I just wanted you to know that I am glad you loved me while I was here with shelter mum. I can run and jump again up here on the Bridge so please don’t cry I am whole again. I love you Kalie

Oh Brenda,
  I'm so very sorry to hear about Kalie. I was afraid the end was near when I was told she was getting shots for adrenal disease -- there's so rarely much hope with that diagnosis. Know you're in my thoughts. I know all too well how hard this is. Please cuddle some of the other fuzzies for me.

Christmas, 2008:


Initial contact, August 23, 2006:
  First, I have my two biters Kali bites when she is scared mainly but she can really hurt. She is a small female white albino age approx 5. Crumb is my sable ferocious biter. Poor crumb, I believe when I had gotten her she had already gone through numerous homes and had been badly abused and the cycle continued. She has left many scars on me, she can't help it- she bites now worries later. Crumb is about 5 or 6. Kendra is a white ferret dark eyes, also approx 5-6 years, sweet as anything gentle fuzzie. Then there is baby holly (about 3 yrs. old) and Big Harry that is about 4 or 5 years old. both pretty healthy ALL of my ferrets could use weight on them. Between me being so depressed and the situation with my mother, they haven't gotten anything special or any extra time or anything. I am ashamed at myself. Then there are the two silvers-big guys also about 5 Magic and Blue. Two wonderful lovable guys, I love them all to bits. Lastly is Jimmy and Jimmy is a sable guy but underweight. He needs a lot of TLC because I haven't given them any and it's not right. I can't tell you how guilty I feel. I don't really have anything but my pets, they are basically it; but I have to do what's right for them now even if it makes me feel more depressed to think of it.
  I will take the pictures tomorrow and send them to you as well. I will keep them small so you don't have to spend a long time downloading them. I also only have one of those crappy pay as you go cell phones with about 10 dollars worth left on it and I won't get money until at least next Tuesday. So if anyone is interested they can call but so far email is better I am staying with my sister for now so I can use her computer anytime.
  Thank you again Brenda, I know you have many of your own difficulties and I appreciate your help, I know how short you are on time. Take care for now Love, Margaret