Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

Clover, Shamrock, AKA Farris, & Setsuna, AKA Little Sam, AKA Dobby

   • Arrived at the Shelter November 2004. They found a Forever Home the same month!
   • Clover was a brown, sable mitt male. DOB January 15, 2003. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on January 24, 2009.
   • Dobby was a rown mitt male. DBA May 23, 2004. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2011.
   • Farris was a brown sable male. DOB January 15, 2003. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on August 29, 2008.


May 7, 2011:
  I had to let Dobby go Thursday. He could not keep his blood sugar up anymore and I kept finding him lying in his own urine unable to get up. His back legs just wouldn’t lift him . He also was starting to have tarry poops today and his breathing was labored. He passed easily and is buried in my side yard. Thank you for sending him to live with me. He was a great guy.

February 23, 2011:
  Eating soup this very moment. As soon as I walk in the door, I start warming it up, and he usually comes out to the kitchen about the time it’s ready. I usually don’t have to go find him and wake him up, he knows the routine. In the morning, I sometimes have to wake him.

February 6, 2011:
  Dobby is taking 1/8 pill twice a day in his soup, but he seems really bad today. He’s falling over and is definitely not “with it”. This morning he didn’t finish his soup, so I gave him another bowl with medicine a few minutes ago. He did finish this time, but he’s still not walking well.
  Do you think I should increase the dose?

January 27, 2011:
  My vet and her husband split up. Sarah is not practicing right now, and John is mad that I am Sarah’s friend. So I have a new vet who knows very little about ferrets. I took Dobby in and asked them to check his glucose level and it was 38. I told the new vet that means insulinoma that he needs pred. and she went and got a book and confirmed it. She called in a prescription for liquid, but also gave me a couple pills to use until I can get to the pharmacy tomorrow evening. So he is taking his first dose right now in his soup. He charmed everyone there, he’s a cuddler now that he’s old, and he was calm during his blood draw too. She can’t address the loss of vision, but he doesn’t seem too bothered by that anyway.

January 25, 2011:
  Dobby, you knew him as Sammy, is failing. He often eats lying down, or his back legs go out on him while he’s eating or walking, and he falls over. I also think he’s blind, or nearly blind. He still has a good appetite, and tries hard to get to the corner and papers to do his business, and he usually makes it. I don’t think he’s in any pain, but I don’t know how much time he has left. I’ve been giving him lots of attention and soup and telling him how happy I am that he came to live with me.

December 9, 2010:
  I still have Dobby, you called him Sammy. He’s old but healthy.

March 30, 2010:
  I still have Dobby- You called him Sam. He has slowed down quite a bit, but is still healthy and will get silly now and then.

November 9, 2009:
  The ferrets are all healthy and happy. Even Dobby (you called him Sammy) is great, he's really getting old, but he's playful and still keeps the cats on their toes.

January 24, 2009:
  Sweet, sweet Clover is gone. He was having more and more episodes of low blood sugar. We increased the pred, and I always gave it in his soup, but maybe it caused an ulcer. He was pooping black oily looking stuff, but when I cleaned it up- it was almost all blood. My vet said it may have been intestinal lymphoma because he didn't have any symptoms of an ulcer. Anyway he was near death, so he was given the mercy shot.
  Thank you for choosing him to come home with me. I was really lucky to have had him for the last 3 years. He was probably the sweetest ferret I've ever known.

November 12, 2008:
  No- Dobby used to be Sammy. My sister is married to a Sam, so I changed his name to Dobby. He is Mr. October in the FML calendar this year. He and Clover are doing great!

August 29, 2008:
  I had to have Ferris (Shamrock) PTS this morning. He was hemorrhaging through his bowel. He was pale and shocky. Sarah came to my house and helped him pass in his own bed. He was a sweetie and we'll miss him.

June 25, 2006:
  The kids are doing well- Sammy is a fatso- his fat hangs over his harness. He loves to go for walks outside, but he takes his time, digs, sniffs, and rolls, especially in mossy patches. He just loves to eat- probably because he didn't always get enough when he was young.
  Clover would go out 4 times a day if he had his way- he just loves it now! It's funny how scared he was at first.
  Ferris had a bit of a spat with Muddy yesterday, but I guess they are both over it- they were sleeping together today.

June 11, 2006:
  Remember how scared Clover was to go outside? Well- he decided that he LOVES it and he keeps begging me to take him out. He's always coming up to me with his front paws on me, but he doesn't want to be picked up. He keeps looking at the leashes on the hook and when the door is opened - he's right there! He makes me feel guilty! It was too hot for a week, and now it's too wet.
  Maybe I should start caging them when I'm not home (they are free roam in 2 rooms) so he'll appreciate getting out of the cage more. That's the problem with free roam- Those 2 rooms are like a cage to them now. I fear that I've spoiled them.
  Gypsy has decided that she's not getting old after all. She's been really playful with Muddy and Clover lately. I love it when she riles them up.

May 10, 2006:
  wow- I'm convinced that whoever gave up Clover sure is missing out on a wonderful little guy! He gets along with everyone, he loves to give kisses, and he's starting to enjoy being outside. He likes to walk right next to me and is always checking to be sure I'm not too far away. He still gets scared if he hears a loud noise, or is he feels the leash is preventing him from getting to "safety", but I'll pick him up until he feels safe, then he'll want to get back down.
  He isn't shy about asking for attention either. When he looks into your eyes, you can see his personality shine right through. Don't get me wrong, the other 2 are great additions too, it's just that I think Clover is really special.
  Last night I took Ferris and Mudflap for a long walk around the elementary school, then I came back and took Clover by himself, then I took Sammy out in my own yard, since it was getting dark, He really enjoyed rolling in the dew covered grass under the moonlight. Only Gypsy didn't get to go out, but she doesn't like to be out very much anyway. She always asks to be picked up pretty quickly. I think she may be getting old. She sleeps alot. She has a good appetite and good coat and likes to play, but mostly sleeps. She was found as a stray in October 02, so I have no idea how old she is.

March 22, 2006:
  The boys got to see the great outdoors today. None of them like the harness and leash, in fact Clover mouthed me trying to make me stop. I took him first- he was a bit scared, but I think he liked it, he was rolling in the dirt and leaves. Sammy was the most scared, we didn't stay out even 3 minutes. Mudflap has always loved to go out, in fact he comes running when I get the leashes ready. The biggest surprise was Ferris. He LOVED it! He was running and bouncing all over the yard. The neighbors cat came over to stalk the ferret, but ended up being chased around himself. Ferris really likes cats and just wanted to play, but the cat had never seen a ferret before and was a scaredy-cat! We are all looking forward to warmer weather so we can stay out longer.

February 11, 2006:
  Sammy is trying to be friends with Mudflap now, sometimes in the night I'll hear a little squabble coming from the cube next to my bed, and when I check it out, Sammy's in there with Mud, and he's trying to curl up and go to sleep, but Mud's not comfortable with that yet, so he's complaining and gently nipping at Sammy scruff trying to get him to leave!
  I have found Sammy sleeping with Mud and Gypsy in the free-standing hammock, but since it wasn't enclosed, Muddy didn't feel trapped.
  Ferris (Shamrock) is a bit of a trouble maker still. He often starts things with Gypsy and Mudflap both. I always leave the barrier down when I'm home, including all night, but it's always up when I'm away.

January 11, 2006:
  They're doing so great! I only had to ask them a few times to use the litter boxes, and they are at about 85% IN the box, the other 15% is on the papers near the box. They are so smart!
  Mudflap is starting to be more accepting of them. When I'm home, I can leave the Plexiglas down now. If they get closer than he is comfortable with, he'll move, and if they corner him, he'll give them a little charge and a bit of a shriek and that's it. They decide he's not worth the fight and back off. Mudflap doesn't poof anymore during these confrontations and usually struts around afterwards like he's proud of himself.
  Once I heard what sounded like a real fight in the cage- when I ran to look, Mudflap and Ferris (Shamrock) were in the hammock together. Neither was bottle brushed and both looked like they were almost asleep at this point, so I left them there.

December 30, 2005:
  I think he's doing better- I haven't noticed him rubbing his ear on the carpet as much. They get lots of hugs. Ferris and Clover loves hugs, but Sammy barely tolerates them. I'm sure it's because he was neglected as a youngster. I'll keep working on him, I'll soften him up eventually. Dr Sarah commented on how easy going Ferris is. He didn't fight her at all even when she was poking things in his ear.
  It's funny how scared of Gypsy he is. He will freeze up and stare at her, ready to run like the wind if she decides to attack. What he doesn't know is that she would never pick a fight with anyone. She likes to be nice to other ferrets and she likes ferrets to be nice to her back. Once Ferris bit her scruff to see what would happen. She screamed at him and when he ran, she followed him squeaking at him "Don't you ever do that again!" I think it put the fear of God (and Gypsy) into him!
  Clover is still an absolute doll! He spends more and more time with Mudflap and Gypsy everyday. He asks to be lifted over the barrier back in with them after only a short time with Sam and Ferris. Mud and Gypsy enjoy his company- he's so nice to everyone.
  Mudflap is still fearful of Sam and Ferris. Ferris tries to get close to him and Mudflap will charge him and give a short scream, but not actually attack. Of course Ferris backs down- if he didn't I'm sure there would be a fight.
  The Sam/Mudflap thing is no better. Sam will NOT back down and they both show aggression to each other. I let them smell each other while I am holding them or hovering over them, but I can tell by the body language that they would try to kill each other if given the chance. Sammy likes to be petted and have his fat belly rubbed, but hates to be picked up.

December 29, 2005:
  Ferris (Shamrock) just got back from a big adventure. He had been rubbing his right ear on the carpet and I didn't see any evidence of mites, so I took him to see the Dr. His ear was very red and irritated down deep inside- ear infection. So now he's on medicine.
  Afterwards we went to my nephews apartment (above the clinic) . He had a blast running, sniffing, and especially chasing and jumping on the kitten! The kitten is almost full grown now, but still very playful. The kitten had fun too, since he was gentle. He only jumped at the kitten's backside, not at her face. It was so much fun to watch Ferris run circles around the kitten, then leap at her backside! He's all tired out now and has gone to sleep.

December 25, 2005:
  The kids and I are going well. The crazy rush period is over at the post office, although I expect quite a few people shipping out returns to LL Bean, Lands End, Amazon, QVC.......etc... So I may be in for a few more crazy days. Clover seems to prefer Gypsy and Mudflap's company. Ferris (Shamrock) is awfully rough with Clover and likes to pin him down and make him cry. He spends a lot of time on the Mudflap/Gypsy side of the barrier.
  Ferris came up on the bed and cuddled with me this morning. He's so sweet. He and Mudflap had a spat last night, but it was minor. There was no screaming and no poop or blood and it was probably good for both of them to learn that they could have a disagreement and it's not the end of the world. They were in that long fleece tube with the elbows on the end, squeaking at each other and charging at each other. Eventually Ferris backed out all the way and I gave him cuddles and a treat, then put him on the other side of the barrier with Sammy. They just need to figure each other out. I think they will be ok eventually, but I still don't dare leave them unsupervised.
  Sammy, on the other hand still acts like he wants to chew Muddy's ears off. Mudflap is both frightened and aggressive to him. I hope my in attention when they got into that fight didn't ruin any chance that they could ever get along. Sammy asks for attention quite a bit, but he doesn't like to be held. He likes me to sit on the floor and pet him, rather than picking him up.

December 22, 2005:
  Mudflap just gave Clover a few licks on his scruff, then walked away!! Then he came face to face with Ferris (Shamrock), he just sniffed him and walked away. His tail didn't even get frizzed! Real progress for him!
  I haven't tried him with Sammy since their fight, but they smelled each other through the cage and acted like they wanted to fight again. They were both pawing the floor like little bulls!

December 09, 2005:
  The good news is that all 5 ferrets were out all night the night before last and there were no issues. In fact Gypsy slept with the 3 new boys.
  The bad news is that I got too confident the next morning and let my guard down and poor Mudflap got hurt. I feel so stupid. I was cleaning and left the room to go get the vacuum and a fight started as I was walking back in. What I think happened is this: Mudflap and Sammy came face to face in the cage (the door was open) and Mudflap felt cornered and attacked. I could not get them separated for about 10 seconds (which seemed like an eternity) Sammy had his jaws and fangs clamped down on poor Muddy's ear and I had to pry his mouth open because he would not let go. It was the ear that he had the surgery on and at least one of Sammy's teeth was actually inside.
  After I get them separated and checked out I souped everyone. Mudflap's ear didn't seem to be bleeding that I could tell, but he couldn't let me look very close because it was so painful. Sammy doesn't have a mark on him, in fact his tail wasn't even frizzed. Clover and Shamrock seemed more scared than Sam was.
  That evening Dr Sarah called me to ask if I would bring up some duck soup for a ferret patient. While I was there I told her about the fight and she told me that those kind of injuries can get nastily infected and sent me home with antibiotics. Sure enough, this morning he was scratching at it, shaking his head and liquid was flying. He had a little blood and pus inside his ear and he had a fever. I took him up before I went to work and they examined the inside of his ear and said it actually looks pretty good down inside. So now he's on oral antibiotics and also a topical antibiotic. His fever is gone tonight.
  I feel so bad that I screwed up and Mudflap is hurt because of my carelessness. I got overconfident that things were going so well. I'm not going to try again until Mudflap's ear is completely healed, which means 10-14 days, and then I'll treat them like they are just meeting for the first time. I hope this doesn't mean they'll never get along.
  I was scared to tell you because I knew you would yell at me, but I deserve it, so go ahead and let me have it. (I did not yell at her, this was my message to her) no yelling necessary. you learned a valuable lesson. Now you know how fast it can change and the cost to the babies health so you will not do it again. I am glad he is on the mend. I like your idea of giving them time to get through his medicine. thanks for letting me know. kiss them all for me please?

November 29, 2005:
  Those boys sure do love each other. They are so much fun to watch.
  Mudflap keeps asking to be let into the room, but he's still pretty scared, so I have to keep lifting him back over the barrier. I didn't realize he was such a scaredy cat, I thought he was just a bully. He used to torment Gypsy, Dexter, Badger and Kiwi so much, I had no idea that he was probably afraid of them. The good news is that the 3somes arrival has made him nicer to Gypsy.

November 28, 2005:
  good news- they like my soup! Clover LOVES the laser pointer!
  I think Shamrock and Gypsy may become good buddies eventually. They are both very timid of each other, but seek each other out for sniffing. So far they haven't had much contact at all. I'm taking it very slow.

November 27, 2005:
  I got home around 4, after I unpacked and got a bit settled, the threesome were scratching at the bars desperate to explore. Since Mudflap and Gypsy were in the bedroom, I put the Plexiglas in place and let the 3some out. They stayed out for nearly an hour and I've already learned a few things about them. Sam loves remote control buttons (I'll have to learn to keep it out of reach) Shamrock is easily frightened if I move too quickly, and Clover is a climber. I took him off the top of the Midwest 3 times in that hour. He also loves plain plastic eggs, he's having a blast pushing them around with his nose. Mudflap and Gypsy asked to come in the room, but didn't want to stay very long, when they went back to the barrier, I lifted them back over.
  I put them back in the cage while I made dinner, ate and took a shower. Then I came out to check the e-mail and they wanted back out, so they are out again. Muddy and Gyp are sleeping in the bedroom with the barrier up. I'm going to soup everyone before I go to bed.
  Thanks for everything- I'll keep the updates coming.

November 27, 2005 / 7 PM:
  Shamrock and Clover just climbed back in the cage and went to sleep in the top hammock, even though I did hang theirs in there too. Sam's eating crunches right now, then I suspect he'll join them.