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Chase & Fran

   • Chase & Fran have found a Forever Home.

   • Chase was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on August 11, 2015.
   • Fran was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on November 3, 2011.


March 03, 2016:
  If I remember correctly. Fran's death coincided with a case of ECE....someone else within my heard of ferrets got sick, I'm thinking chase. I brought him down to the shelter for you to give a shot of something and you kept him overnight, I think. I want to think Oliver was also sick at the time, or maybe Rocco.....but I'm not sure. I just feel like you had one of my kids at shelter already when I brought Chase down for the emergency meds. He was lethargic and really dehydrated.
  Long story short. I had been so focused on one sick kid that I missed the signs with Fran that something was wrong. When I changed out the litter pads I scraped of the poo and found that when it was spread out it was a beautiful, vibrant red. Fully oxygenated blood in her stool. We rushed to the vet but by the time doc came in the office and touched her she was already gone.
  What I learned that day was that blood really is the most stunning shade of red. And I'm far more scared of seeing bright red blood in stool than black, sticky.

August 12, 2015:
  Chase passed away last night. I new it was on its way. I took him to see Doc on Monday and his fasting bg was 100, he was alert and mobile. However each time that he has woken up lately he has been more and more out of it. It took more time for his meds and soup to have an effect. I had increased him to soup three times a day but yesterday he just didn't want his third bowl, he only ate about half before curling up for bed. Like I said, I had a hunch it was impending.

August 1, 2015:
  Chase is stable for now. I will give his second dose of Pred tonight at 8pm. I am keeping soup and honey next to me just in case. For now he's making himself comfy after wobbling around the living room a few steps at a time. Oh, and he ate a full bowl of soup!


July 31, 2015:
  Chase woke me up this morning screaming at 2am. I put honey on his gums and his seizure calmed down. I've been slowly feeding him soup but he is visibly exhausted. Peed without moving. I plan on calling the vet as soon as they're open but is there anything else I can do right now? I'm worried about leaving for work....

Brenda's Response: You are already doing it. He needs doc to put him down. I am so sorry.

Brie's Response: I'll call doc as soon as they open.

Brenda's Response: I think doc is still on vacation so you are going to have to insist to go in with him and you want Sub-Q to whatever vet is there to help you.

September 30, 2014:
  .....I really hope I didn't wake you.
  Chase was out in the play area for last night and half of today (the kits are getting the 2nd half of today and tonight). Chase ate his soup this afternoon, ran through the tube, played with his toys and ate/drank. This is why I sent that note earlier saying that everyone was doing ok. I did look and make sure that I saw urine pools in the play area, and I did. So I wasn't concerned with him at all. Btw, I do have an appointment with one of the vets that work with Dr. Grschey but it's not until the 3rd. It appears that Dr. G and Dr. E are out of town....Dr. G for some meeting of vets in Buffalo and Dr. E for his vacation.
  Back to Chase, I was concerned because when I put him away, before letting the kits out, I cleaned up the play area and noticed 4 pools of urine and only 1 poop. The poop was good looking and well formed but perhaps 1/2 the quantity I'd expect. When I picked him up to put him away I thought his abdomen felt full so I have kept a close eye on him tonight. No bathroom breaks so far.
  He has been drinking though not eating kibble. He is alert and is behaving towards his neck scratches as he always does. After hanging up with your answering machine I decided to give him some soup. He ate it all, I put perhaps 4-5 tablespoons in the bowl with an icecube to cool it down. There was a fair amount of soup.
  So now I don't know if I'm overreacting or not. I wish he would poop!
  I have pred, baytril, albon, carefate, and furosemide but I have no idea if or what I should give him in order to help him pass his poo.
  I will update you in the morning. As it is now, Chase is already curled up sleeping.

September 26, 2014:
  I thought about it on my way home. Chase may have been knocking over his soup bowl because it was small. The bowls I use for soup are large and he tends to lick the side of the bowl.
  Whether this is the reason or not he has had a bit of soup since we've been home.
  I will keep an eye on him just to be sure.


July 06, 2013:
  That ferret plaything I bought at clinic day is being used. hehe it makes me happy.


May 07, 2013:
  My little man snoozin after a romp around the house ;-)


April 12, 2013:
  I may be sick but my little man is still enjoying his peanuts :-)


February 14, 2013:
  Everything's good. Ashes is well, Chase and Boomer as well.

August 18, 2012:
  In response to our conversation last week I bring you a ferrety update :-)
  Rocco has been on meds for the past 5.5 days. He is taking both Baytril/pred by dropper. Since he fights me so much when taking his meds I was worried that he would lose his love of duck soup altogether. That fear has been removed though. Last night when I put in the bowl he gobbled up his fill before heading back to bed. Yay!
  I had Rocco separated from the others so I could see just how much he's going to the bathroom. This was good for me monitoring him but bad for him since he seemed bored and lonely. So, I was letting him hang out with Eddie and Ashes at night then isolating him during the day so I could continue to monitor him. As of Friday I felt confident in his bladder that I've had him back with his cagemates. He does seem to be much happier for it.
  Chase on the other hand isn't nearly as thrilled....as you know I have been trying to introduce Chase to Eddie, Ashes, and Rocco. With Rocco getting sick and not being as feisty as normal I don't like having a rather hyper Chase around him. So, while Rocco was in the sick pen Chase continued to meet with and get along very well with Ashes/Eddie. So much so that I could leave the cage open at night and let all three have the dining room/cage to run around in. There were some scuffles but I found all three cuddled up together a couple of times now so I'm pretty happy with that. Once Rocco is back up to snuff I'll let Chase join the party again. But not until Rocco can defend himself and set the youngster straight if need be.
  Lets see, Ashes and Eddie are doing quite well, Eddie went in and had his bg done, he's awesome! Weight is back on, his fur looks awesome and he's finishing off all duck soup the others dare to leave behind. He is on pred twice a day for his insulinoma(sp?). I'm in the habit of putting Eddie's pred in a bowl on the couch and he goes to town on it. As you know I have a 70+lb pit/lab mix, boomer....well, he's great with the ferrets in that he doesn't play with them and when they walk by him or happen to hop off the couch because they ate the duck soup too fast he just perks his ears forward and watches while wagging his tail. And as I'm sure you can tell this happened just recently. While giving Rocco his meds Eddie jumped off the couch and landed mere inches from Boomers head. I hear a thump, look up and Boomers looking down at Eddie then looks at me with a "are you going to come and get him?" look! It was too funny.
  That pretty much covers it, Ashes is responding great to the implant that was put in months ago. She sees me in the morning and comes running right over to the spot where I always put the duck soup. At night I tend to have to wake her up first..... ;-)
  Anyway, see you tomorrow!

June 26, 2012:
  For the past hour or so I've been introducing and watching chase with ashes, eddie and rocko. If I understand body language right it would appear that Chase trumps ashes, but ashes keeps following chase around....Eddie trumps Chase but he really doesn't care so long as chase doesn't try to climb into bed with him. And Rocko....just plain doesn't care.
  So, as long as Ashes and Chase can decide to get along then I may have one group and Chase doesn't have to be so lonely anymore. Everyone plays fine together, the only issues that erupt are when Chase try's to crawl into bed with the others. I should say it's when chase try's to crawl in with Ashes, wrestling and fighting ensues.....Eddie just pushes chase out of the bed and chase doesn't resist.
  Right now I have them separated so everyone can get some restful sleep. I figure after a catnap I'll let them play together again.

November 13, 2011
  Brenda, Good morning. I just wanted to give you a heads up on the munchkins. Everyone is doing well. Chase has started drinking his duck soup from a bowl again, there was a period where he'd only drink it if I was dropper feeding him. So that's a definite bonus! Just a couple more days of moxy then all kids are off antibiotics. woot!
  Everyone's energetic and bouncy, I'm hoping that in a week or two I can start to introduce Chase to the others. As it is they do say hi to each other through the cage in the floor, where the ramp is. So I'm not foreseeing any issues.
  One other happy moment for me is that all kids poo is awesome, solid, and good amounts too! The best part is that when I clean the pads I don't have to really scrape them clean anymore, I just shake the pad and it all falls off in to the garbage! Rather a small thing but it made me chuckle this morning ;-)
  I think I should be able to come down this Tuesday, is there anything that you need? Or any special projects that you want me to tackle?
  Hope your having a great day!

November 6, 2011:
  I’m good, at work right now. Everyone is doing well as well. My threesome is out and about today. Everyone's still eating and all poo looks perfect! You know, for poo ;-)

November 3, 2011:
  Fran has gone to Rainbow Bridge
  Doc knows about what happened with Oliver and he apologized. All my kids are on albon and moxy.

November 3, 2011:
  Fran's poop now has consistency, it's still redish but it's far better than before. I think Roco's poo is turning more towards red instead of green. It still has consistency but I'm wondering if I should take him off the albon.
  Doc called yesterday and sent in the script for moxy. He apologized for the tech denying me it, saying that I was right in asking for the moxy and his tech was wrong. So Fran is on moxy for a full two weeks.

August 26, 2011:
  Fran and Chase are both healthy looking and happy. I say looking because Chase is still scuffing the bejeasers out of Fran. But, a little bit of bitter apple and the scuffing stops. Neither one is showing any other signs that would lead me to think that one or the other has adrenal so I'm still just keeping an eye out for new signs. When I let them out to play yesterday they were both jumping around and having a blast. I'm in the habit of tossing their toys into the play area one at a time which tends to get all the kids jumping around like crazy and 'killing' the intruders ;-) Oh, another very amusing and cute habit of these two....when they eat their duck soup they'll get it on their muzzles then lick it off of each other, leaving the rest of the soup in the bowl. It's adorable and looks like they're kissing.
  Boomer wags his tail and Chuck blows happy bubbles to you,

February 21, 2011:
  As for everybody else? Eddie just went snorkling in the water dish, Ashes and Rocko are bouncing around like little bouncy balls, and Fran and Chase are terrorizing my office :-)
  When I figure out what I did with my camera charger I'll send you some pics.

October 29, 2010:
  Brenda, Hope you get some rest and feel better. Loka, Fran and Chase are doing well. I should say Loka's doing as well as can be expected. I wanted to ask for some advice though. She's not able to get clean as well as she once could. I'm keeping her cage as clean as possible but there's still feces that's getting stuck to her feet because she's walking in it. I normally don't bathe her but I'm going to have to do so regularly now and I don't want to dry out her skin unnecessarily. Do you have any recommendations as to what type of shampoo/conditioner I can use that will not upset her? So far I've just used warm water but I'm afraid that will dry her out...or at least based on how I feel after washing my face it'll dry out my skin. But that's with soap.
  Thanks, Brie

September 5, 2010:
  The kids are good. I think we've settled into a pretty good routine ­ Oh, and Chase and Fran got their first taste of the harness. Neither was impressed at first but they seemed to enjoy getting outside. Brie

July 28, 2010:
  Every bodies still doing good. Though I tried to give Loka, Fran, and Chase some duck soup Sunday night? Monday night?...I don't remember they sorta blurred on me! But what I do remember is that nobody wanted it and it was warm. So I'm going to take the dried stuff I have and make a fresh batch tonight and try again. Maybe I goofed up the mix when I made the last batch of ice cubes. If this doesn't work I'll be asking questions when I come down this weekend. Guaranteed!
  Chase is my climber and escape artist, so far he's gotten out of the den three times, one of which I was washing dishes with Boomer at the kitchen door. Suddenly I turn to look at Boomer and Chase is walking right behind Boomer's tail!! Thankfully Boomer just watched Chase when he realized that Chase was out and didn't try to inspect any further. But I got Chase back into the den and I'm thinking it's free of escape routes again. At least he hasn't been able to get out the last two times I've had them in there.
  Thankfully the office is a bit more secure. That's where I'm letting Fran and Chase hang out and play when I'm not home. Thanks again for the extra tube, now both rooms have one so no matter who's in which room everybody gets the fun!
  Loka is back on the diaretics but she's still getting her out time.
  Thanks again for letting me adopt the kids, their a total pleasure to have around and a reminder of why I love these little ones when they hear my voice, they both come a'running! I'm going to be getting them accustomed to harnesses soon so that I can take them into the front yard and let them play in the grass. It was something that Loka and Moe used to love when they were young so I'm hoping that Fran and Chase enjoy it too.
  I'm not sure which day I'll be coming down this weekend but I will be down for at least a little while on either Friday or Saturday to return your carrier, one of the food buckets, and the rest of the cash.

July 25, 2010:
  We're all home, and everybodies in bed. Fran and Chase played in the Den while I got all the cage bed's and what not taken care of. they were great! Sniffed Boomer through the bars and investigated all my stuff.
  Here are some pics!