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Ally, Bruno, Jeffery & Ricardo

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on May 12, 2012.
   • Ally was a silver mitt male with dipped tail. He left for the Rainbow Bridge August 7, 2016.
   • Bruno was a brown sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge October 17, 2016.
   • Jeffery was a dark eyed white male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge June 16, 2014.
   • Ricardo was a dark silver male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge June 16, 2017.

   • Will you be a Sponsor for the other two?
   • Bruno has a not so far away, far away Mom in Rochester, NY.

   • Jeffery has a far away mom in St. Peters, MO. Thank you for continuing to help Shelter Mum take care of others in my memory!

   • Read about how these four arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.



  Ally and Bruno both have adrenal disease and Insulinoma. Both boys are on medication two times a day for Insulinoma and once a month for the adrenal disease. They will both live out their lives with their brother Ricardo here at the Shelter because of their medical issues.


June 17, 2017:
  Ricardo left for Rainbow bridge last night, he got up to have his evening soup and could not stop falling over, I brought him over to lay on my lap to have his soup. He was shivering so I wrapped him in one of my shirts (no blanket handy). He ate about half his soup, shivering slowed down, he laid his head down and left us. In my arms, warm and safe for his journey to Rainbow Bridge.

May 24, 2017:
  Ricardo is doing okay, he is eating his soup daily so at this point life is good.

May 17, 2017:
  Today was moving day for Ricardo, Angel, Scully, and M & M - Ricardo has been struggling, I've been thinking of moving him up here to the sick pen, and moving M & M down stairs, this morning when I was cleaning Ricardo's cage I found poo in his food. It is time to get him out of the cage and into the sick pen.
  I got him up here, I moved Angel into Ricardo's cage she is going to need meds soon so she may as well be on the meds bank. She is on soup only but the last few days she seems to be falling over. I need to do a BG test before I start her on meds. I don't want to do them when I am on the run, I've been on the run for days now. I moved Scully into the cage, Angel was in - he has been in the playroom the longest, he is the one that gets moved into the ferret room. That opened up his cage to take M & M down to put them in that cage.

March 3, 2017:
  Ricardo is now on meds one time a day, he was getting soup only.

February 14, 2017:
  Ricardo has been getting just soup 2 times a day but is acting like his numbers are lower so I will test him today to, he may need meds in his soup now.

January 9, 2017:
  Ricardo was acting funny so I tested him. His numbers were 80 not bad but I think I will do it again tomorrow. He kept falling over.

October 18, 2016:
  Ricardo has living room tonight since he was out of his cage I put Jack and Mike into it tonight. It was clean and ready to be used. I will move Ricardo into the smaller cage in the morning.

October 17, 2016:
  I moved Bruno and Ricardo into their cage this morning, Bruno is leaving us. I took him to the playpen, I will give him some pain meds to keep him comfortable, I expect today will be his last day with us.

PM Update: Bruno is gone. I had Ricardo in the pen with Bruno so he knows Bruno is gone. I am thinking I am going to move Ricardo into the cage Jack and Mike are in and give Jack and Mike the bigger cage. Ricardo does not need that big cage to himself.

October 16, 2016:
  Bruno is struggling some, he has no fur on him, looks very pale, he is still eating, drinking and looking for his soup but I am not so sure for how much longer.

August 7, 2016:
   I won't need to give Ally Pred 3 times a day. I found him gone this morning. It appears he left in the middle of the night. I wondered why Ricardo was sleeping on top of the blanket when I got in there, I had the AC running in that room.

August 3, 2016:
  Ally was in a crash, could not get him to eat his soup so he got a Dex and put back in his cage. Seems like he is crashing a lot lately.

August 1, 2016:
  When I was serving meds tonight, I found Ally needed a Dex shot he could not stand to have his soup, not even with help when I put a blanket around him to keep him from falling over.

July 17, 2016:
  I found Ally in a crash this morning so I did a Dex shot for him he was better when I got home from my morning run. He had his afternoon soup standing an all 4 feet. I think I am going to move them into Maggie's cage. 2 of the 3 are on meds, Bruno is incontinent, the smaller cage will make it easier for him to get to the pee pad and less mess for me to clean up. I thought I would give it a try anyway.

July 13, 2016:
  This morning I found Ally going into a crash so he got a Dex shot.

July 9, 2016:
  Ally was iffy this morning he did get his soup down but I had to help him up with a blanket so he could stand up to have his soup.

July 6, 2016:
  I found Ally in a crash about noon, when I was getting him and his mates up. I found a large wet spot under his head (drooling) when I got him out of the box he was in a full blown crash. I got a Dex shot into him, he has responded and ready for soup when I offered it to him at meds time.

July 5, 2016:
  Gus came in from the playroom last week, I was not thinking when I moved him into Minnie's cage. He is not on meds but Louise is. This afternoon I moved Gus over to the other side of the room in the bank of cages with kids that are not on meds. Well not entirely true, Bruno, Ally and Ricardo are but they need the horizontal cage and there isn't one on the side with all the kids on meds. I moved Louise into the cage Minnie and Gus were using because she is on meds. George is not on meds but he will get soup daily to keep him from getting an ulcer now that he is alone, because of his age I expect he will need meds soon enough.

July 1, 2016:
  When I got back from uptown I got kids meds done, found Ally in a crash so he got a Dex shot.

May 29, 2016:
  Bruno is more responsive this morning, it is clear he is on the down side of life. We will keep him comfortable.

May 28, 2016:
  I found Bruno crashed yesterday, we had to do a Dex to get him back. Bruno is struggling but ate all his soup without a fuss.

May 20, 2016:
  Bruno was looking like death warmed over Monday morning, he had dropped a lot of weight. Spring time weight loss was possible but I was pretty sure he was feeling crummy. I started him on soup and meds, he is still skinny but he is more alert and active.

April 12, 2016:
  I found Ally crashed yesterday, I had to give him a Dex shot, he is now on meds as of this morning, he ate his soup with no problem. When I tested his blood, it registered LOW. Ally is doing much better.

November 8, 2015:
  Miss Donna was here yesterday to help Mum treat us all with Revolution, cut our nails and weigh us. After they were done Miss Donna sat on the floor to hang out with me. I was kissing her face all over and playing in her hair. Miss Donna is fun to hang out with. - Ally


September 23, 2015:
  Ally and Bruno checking in to say hi and remind you that we have a shelter work day coming up on October 10th, 10 am till done. If you would like to join us drop Mum a line so there will be enough lunch to go around. Mum made us work so hard putting this post together that we had to take a nap. We are going to snooze for a while to get our energy back.


March 4, 2015:
  I decided to take the Rochester crew, Razzle and Dazzle, Pheona and Wilson with us to GCC today. They need their nails clipped and the class could use some fun disruption...Razzle and Dazzle can handle that. I thought about taking Max and Princess but they still nibble on occasion.

June 16, 2014:
  Mum asked Miss Wendy to take this picture of her and Jeffery because Mum was afraid Jeffery was not going to fair well at surgery Monday morning. Miss Wendy took this clinic day for us. Jeffery's mass was so large OFD said there was nothing he could do to fix him so we let him go. Fly high little guy, you will be missed.


June 14, 2014:
  Doc took Jeffery and Fluffy Ginger with him, they are to have surgery on Monday morning. Doc said Jeffery's mass is more like the size of a lemon than a walnut and he believes it is on his liver. Doc is optimistic about being able to fix him.

June 10, 2014:
  Hey far away mom, I wanted you to know that I am going to see OFD on Saturday, will probably be going to Brockport with him at the end of the day to have surgery on Monday morning. I will be getting blue strings in my belly, Mum has found a big mass in my belly the size of a walnut and as hard as a rock… Just letting you know what is going on in my life
  I love you, Jeffery

Jeffery's far away Mom: I will say my prayers little guy. Mum says the doc is really nice and will fix you. Stay strong and fight through this ordeal. Ask mum to keep me posted as soon as she can. I love you Jeffery.

June 9, 2014:
Message to Our Favorite Doc: The 2 kids that I asked you to look at when you come clinic day...Jeffery - he has a mass in his belly the size of a walnut hard as a rock. I would like to send them up your way with Brie on clinic day, she will hold them and then get them into you for surgery.
  We are at the end of the year scheduling, so I cannot get time off to get the kids up there. Will you see if this works for your schedule the week after clinic? If not I will come up with some other way to get them up there when it does work. Thanks

June 4, 2014:
  I found a mass in Jeffery the size of a walnut and hard as a rock. I am trying to decide if we can wait to see Doc on the 14th of if I need to get him in sooner. I found it a week ago, I stated him on soup 2 times a day, no meds just soup. He is acting okay.

April 14, 2014:
Ally and Ricardo enjoying the toys Miss Peach sent!

December 18, 2013:
  Dear Miss Collette, Thank you for the wonderful Christmas presents, included the gift card. Thanks for picking me to be your giving tree fur kid! - Bruno
  Response: Awwww What a sweetie. Hope everything can be put to good use... Happy Holidays!!!! Collette, Greg, 14 Fuzzies & One Cat (RIP Sammie)


December 11, 2013:
  Dear Miss Susann, We got to open our Christmas presents yesterday take a look at the fun we had! Thank you for being our Santa this year.
  Ricardo, Fred, and George


December 9, 2013:
  Dear Miss Nikki, The box you sent me for Christmas got here today, Mum said she will get pictures of me with my stuff for you ASAP - Thanks for picking me off the Giving Tree! - Ally
  Response:Hi Ally! I'm very glad your Xmas box arrived ^.^ I hope you will like what I sent!
Lots of love from your far-away Santa,
  Nikki (and my fuzzball Rosie sends you kisses and play-nips)


December 04, 2013:
  Santa is coming Jeffery. Expect delivery from Ferret Depot and Miss Sandy shortly
  Awe far away mom thanks I love you - what do you want for Christmas far away mom? - Jeffery

September 15, 2013:
  Dear far away mom, take a look at the pad Miss Sandy made that you got me! Oh my these pads are great, Mum put the green one in our cage first. Thank you thank you both for all you do to help Mum take care of me! Jeffery


January 6, 2013:
  Dear Miss Olivia,
  We love the presents you sent us, Mum is sending pictures!
Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!


December 22, 2012:
  I'm sure you have heard like the rest of the world about Sandy Hook by now. We can all agree that it was a horrendous event that will stay in our hearts for so long. They have started the idea of doing 26 act of kindness for people in the honor of those lost. So my contribution is a little different. I have ordered another 26 bags of N-bones for Jeffery and his friends at the shelter. Consider it my ever so small way of honoring all those precious lives. Praying for a better world now and forever. Merry Christmas to a wonderful lady.
  Trish, Saint Peters, MO

December 21, 2012:
  Dear far away mom,
  We got to check out our presents you sent us. Take a look! Thank you!
  Jeffery and friends


December 19, 2012:
  Dear Miss Heather, we love the presents you and your club put together for us. Here are some pictures of us getting into them. Please feel free to post them on your Face book account to share with all the other humans that had a hand in getting the presents to us! You guys rock!
Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  the 4 Rochester Roughfy'ins


December 16, 2012:
  Merry Christmas mum and to all the fur babies. God bless Mum for all her hard work. Mum you are one in a million. I think you are a Godsend to every ferret in your care and even those that are not in your care. You have touched so many hearts in your life time. You work from the time you get up till the time you go back to bed. You are an inspiration to so many people. You are nothing short of miraculous. I feel like a very lucky person to have been able to be a small part of your life. You have blessed my life in so many ways. I wish you a very lovely Christmas and you are in my prayers. Thank you for being you. Much love to you! :)

November 11, 2012:
  Today was moving day for some kids; The Rochester business moved into the 6 pack cage (larger and horizontal instead of 2 levels).

May 13, 2012:
  Their coats are really awful so it is hard to tell if the one is still a kit, his coat does not feel like kit coat, and most generally the kits come out of the farm in November and December and early spring. so the age does not fit the norm. That does not mean he isn’t but I really can not tell at this time. I will work on getting them weighed tomorrow.
  I will wait until they are comfortable with me to open their mouths to look at their teeth to see if I can tell any better about their age.


Ally, Bruno, Jeffery & Ricardo's Journey to the Shelter – May 12, 2012:

  The new kids are here. There were in fact saved by Mylene from certain death. The woman that had them put them on a windowed porch with cat food but no water. She had the fur kids for two weeks, she had no idea how to care for them and according to Mylene she had many other animals and an infant.
  I am thrilled Mylene intervened for the fur kids. They are cuties, underweight and squishy like the Brooklyn kids were when they got here but with good food, lots of exercise they will fatten up and get solid.
  There is a brown sable, ark eyed white and two badger looking fur kids, according to the person that had them there are three three year olds and one nine month old. They are all male.