Vegetta earned her Wings on January 27, 2009 

When Doc called me yesterday morning he said he could feel the mass. He wanted to know how to proceed. What to do if he was not going to be able to remove the mass. Was lupron an option, I said yes if it gave her more time with quality of life. If not we need to let her go. 

When Doc got in there the mass had pretty much encapsulated the kidneys, he said the mass was so extensive there was no removing the it; nor was lupron going to make a difference, so he did what I asked and allowed her the dignity to leave for Rainbow Bridge. 

The out come was NOT at all what I expected. So it has not been until now that I was able to discuss what went on. Thank you all for helping me take care of these kids, for making what I love to do; possible. You would think that after 13 years of loosing kids it would get easier, it hasnít and doesnít! Each one of these little lives takes a piece of my heart with them when they leave. 

Fly high little one.