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Suzie Q and Anna Not so far away, far away mom with Suzie Q

Surrender date November 17, 2006


Suzie-Q is the shelter's Cub Report

She is also on the Giving Tree

Update: May 5, 2011 - A sad day at the shelter...

Suzie-Q has her wings and is now watching from rainbow bridge. She will be missed.

How Suzie-Q Got Here

Thanks for responding so quickly. Let me begin by explaining the situation. I work for the Rehabilitation Center for the supportive apartment program where disabled adults live independently with staff support. One of our fellows purchased the ferret, "Susan". He seemed to handle her less frequently and when he did handle her, she began to bite him and she has also bitten visitors he had at his home. I assisted him by calling the pet store where he got her and they were going to take her back. However, she was frightened in the carrying case and when the woman took her out, she bit her fiercely. When she disciplined her and tried to put her back in the case, she jumped out of the case and latched on to her hand so hard that she could not get her off. She bit her for a total of four times. Now, the young man is afraid of her and is having difficulty caring for her. He wants a good home for her but is afraid to give her away due to her aggressive behavior. That is why I found you! Do you think you can help? She has had a rabies vaccine, I'm not sure of the distemper. I can check with the veterinarian.

Suzie is here, she is a little silver girl. Suzie about 1#, a feisty little girl that does like skin. Her nails were so long they were curled. She does not know what ferretone is, so cutting her nails was a challenge in the beginning. Suzie had a foam ball in her cage that she ate 1/2 of, fortunately I found a good poop in her cage that was mostly foam so hopefully she has expelled all she ate. She was in a very small cage, that I would classify as a sick cage, wire bottom not covered, no hammock, no bed, no sleep box, no amenities at all, crap grocery store food, a water bottle and a small corner litter pan. I would bite too if I had to live like that! Her standard of living has just jumped 100%.

Suzie update 5:30 PM surrender day. I moved her into her new cage about 3:30 PM. She has a dish of her crap food and a dish of PO and TF. So far no poop but that is not unusual for a new arrival. When I was doing meds I got a medicine dropper put some ferretone in it, took it into Suzie. I am still handling her with my hands covered. She has not bitten me, has not really tried but I will believe the former owners until I know for sure. I have her in my left hand covered with my sweat shirt sleeve, I stick the dropper in her mouth with the ferretone, she at first starts to fight me then all of a sudden she gets this "OH WOW" look on her face and starts sucking it in.

I got her the ferretone bottle let her have some more. When she was good and hooked (ferret crack) I set her down in front of a dribble in a dish so I could cut her nails, she did not flinch. Her nails are now in good shape. Then I introduced her to Duck soup. she did not give me a hard time about the dropper expecting her ferretfone fix, she likes soup too. :-)!!!!!! I am not sure she will drink it out of the bowl but I left the bowl in there for her to see if she will. She took it really well off the dropper. I do believe this little one is not a REAL challenge after all.. Suzie was just trying to tell her humans she was unhappy and they were not paying attention. Suzie Q was giving kisses within 48 hours of arrival.

Suzie has a far away mom and grammy in Gallopolis, OH.

Christmas Gifts Picture - 2010

Hey far away mom I got my other box of presents take a look!

Christmas Gifts Picture - 2009


Dear far away mom, I got my Christmas package. Thanks here are some pictures mum took of me opening it. Mum took 11 pictures of me checking it out! Suzie-Q


Christmas Gifts Picture - 2008

For Suzie Q from Anna

For Suzie Q from Sandra