Precious Heart

Precious Heat earned his wings on October 2, 2010

Sponsored by shelter friend Bonnie G. in Santa FE, NM

This little guy weighed in at 12 oz when he arrived. You could see every bone in his little body. He was dropped off in a card board box with a rag for warmth and a few pieces of dog food to eat. 

Update: October 20, 2010

Precious Heat earned his wings last night I found him gone this morning when I woke up -

Update: February 1, 2010

Sponsored by shelter friend Bonnie G. in Santa FE, NM

Update: November 26, 2009

Precious Heart is thriving and now weighs 1.5#

Update: November 24, 2009

He Now Has A Name: Precious Heart 
Genevieve was great with naming this little guy.

Update: November 20, 2009
Hi Brenda,
We have not talked since my land lord wanted me to get rid of my ferrets a year ago and I did.

A tan ferret was left at my apartment and I cant have it in my apartment because of insurance reasons. I took it inside last night until I decided what to do with it. This is when I handled it and it bit me. I not only can't have ferrets in my apartment but this one is not nice. I am hoping you can take it, If not there is no where I can think of to send a ferret that bits. 

I gave birth to my son in late October so I can't afford the extra expenses of having it put down. I don't want to go in this direction but I cant risk getting kicked out of my apartment with a new baby because of a poor homeless ferret.
please, please, please help

Yes I will take him; can you get him to me? DO NOT HAVE HIM PUT DOWN! I will take him. Brenda

I can get him to you, When will you be around? He came in a brown box and is running free in a walk in closet here in my apartment. I would like to get him to you ASAP you tell me when is good and I will be there. This poor ferret needs a real cage and attention.
thank you,