Miss Molly

Miss Molly has earned her wings on July 25, 2011

Arrived at the shelter on July 9, 2011

She had a sponsor

Updated: July 25, 2011

Molly gave up she is gone so sad that a little heart will break and just give up on life when the only family she has known gives her up I could not convince her that she was loved and I would keep her for the rest of her little life unless she found someone she wanted to love her choice not mine to leave for a home if she found one  

She did not want me she wanted the family that gave her up

Updated: July 24, 2011 - PM

I offered Dexter more soup he got up and started eating it I am so pleased he seems to be feeling better not eating a lot but he is eating that is more than he was doing 2 days ago the best part we have normal brown well formed poo  

You know you need a real life when you get excited over normal brown well formed poo

Molly has not improved - 

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers they are working Brenda

Updated: July 24, 2011

Molly I found her lying in her own black poo this poor baby just wants her mom back I can not convince her that I love her and will care for her not what she wants she is giving up on life and I can not seem to stop it! It breaks my heart when the older babies come in and just do not understand that their family no longer wants them  

Shelter mum Brenda

Updated: July 22, 2011

One week & one day seems like a life time ago that this nightmare started - 

Brooklyn is gone she finally decided she had had enough she was so pale my guess her ulcer was bleeding into her tummy  

Possum had her face in the food dish this morning so I was pleased about that

Molly is still with us drinking water but still not interested in eating unless I force her to do so 

Dexter continues to struggle he will not eat even when I offer him food, unless I force him to eat then I can only get a ml or two into him his little eyes look so sad and sick -

The rest of the shelter is doing okay except for the kids I have listed here the cages that were tagged suspect have not been upgraded to confirmed so I figure that is a + no new suspect cages either  

I still have not gotten the report from Opie I called on Thursday I was told there was no report yet and they would call me when it came in  

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers 

Updated: July 21, 2011

Well I was hoping that things were turning around but when I got Possum up for her shift she is now sick not eating so I have 4 that are not eating

I think I am loosing the battle with Molly she is just not happy here at the shelter- and not feeling good on top of being 8 yrs old is taking its toll on her little body her family decided after 8 yrs they needed to dump her  

She was dumped at a HS that does not take in ferrets they called me she was picked up and kept for a few days at a shelter friends house then brought here to me she has eaten little since she got here she is one of the fur kids I am force feeding

back to the shelter to get more cages done


Updated: July 6, 2011

Oh Wendy thanks so much for picking her up what a blessing you are to us - 

Miss Molly is here. She looks good....nice weight. She is adrenal. She has swollen vulva. In the past she had lost all of her fur and dropped in weight. She is pretty active and alert. 

She on Target's cat food. 

Ugh well we will work on that - 

She was a black roan mitt when she was a kit. I saw baby picture of her and the other ferret that she lived with. He passed away two years ago. 

It amazing to me how they change coats through the years - 

She looks great for being 8 years old....god bless her.

She sure does thanks again for picking her up for us see you this weekend Brenda