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The 8 from Long Island, NY

   • Surrendered to the Shelter October 9, 2015.
   • Autumn was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge November 12, 2015.
   • Cooper is a male.
   • Ebony was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge February 11, 2017.
   • Mocha was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge October 26, 2015.
   • Reggie is a male.
   • Ruby is a female.
   • Star is a female.
   • Tiny Tim is a male, paraplegic.
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July 5, 2017:
  Star is looking great. The business is back on track, no more picking on her.

July 1, 2017:
  Star is doing great!

June 30, 2017:
  I called OFD last night they said both kids are well enough to come home this morning. OFD looked at Stars tooth while I was there yesterday morning, he said it defiantly needs to come out it is abscessed. I will set up 2 sick pens to keep them both quiet to post-op. They will both be on meds for at least 10 days. Star does not have any stitches in her so she was able to go back to her cage. The others were not sure they were going to let her back into the business. I had to take Cooper out of the mix for a bit, he would not leave her alone.

June 25, 2017:
  Star is on Moxy for what looks like a tooth infection, Tina found what felt like a bump, I got into her mouth and found a very red inflamed gum line top and bottom. And some nasty looking teeth. I started her on Moxy as soon as we discovered she had an infection, she has had 3 does so far, this afternoon when I got her up I looked at her mouth - the red is gone and she is acting better, I am going to see if I can switch Josie out and put Star on the schedule to see Doc on Thursday.

May 26, 2017:
  Tiny Tim is having more than peeing issues. I believe his BG is low, he was gagging last night. This morning I decided I would give him some Pred as well as his Moxy in his soup. He was not interested in the soup at all, not like TT - he generally dives into it when I set it in front of him. I ended up giving him a Dex shot because he would not take anything by mouth. His numbers must be really low if his tummy is that upset. I will do a test when I get in from work this morning.

May 23, 2017:
  I had to tag the Long Island crews cage with a MIA tag.. I spent a lot of time looking for the missing kid, I decided last night it had to be Star because she was nowhere to be found on the floor level. I started looking on top of cages. I shut the shelter down with the MIA tag on their cage. This morning I spent a good amount of time looking for Star this morning. I counted heads in the cage repeatedly last night and this morning. I got Tiny Tim up to give him his soup with meds. As I was putting him back in the cage, Star pops her head out of the box on the shelf. I stuck my hand in the boxes repeatedly - I counted heads again there were 5 in the cage. I worried all night for nothing. UGH!

April 30, 2017:
  Tiny Tim is back on Meds, when I expressed him yesterday he had a stream of blood. I got some nasty looking pee then a good stream of dark but clear pee this morning. I am not sure how much longer the Moxy is going to keep him comfortable.

April 3, 2017:
  I had to put Tiny Tim back on Moxy he was peeing sludge again yesterday, even with expressing his bladder I can't get it totally empty.

March 1, 2017:
  Tiny Tim has another UTI/bladder infection. Tina picked up on it Saturday, I was not entirely sure so I paid close attention. She nailed it. I have him back on Moxy.

February 12, 2017:
  Tiny Tim, is doing better, he is still on his Moxy for another 2 days but he is peeing well, leaking too so that means his bladder is not empting. He may well end up with another infection once we are done with this Moxy treatment.

February 11, 2017:
  Ebony is gone. Tiny Tim spent his alone time in the playpen putting the N-Bones into the food dish.

February 10, 2017:
  Clair called me into the kitchen to show me what was going on. I found Ebony in a crash and unresponsive when I got in from work tonight, I am not sure I am going to get her back. I put her and Tiny Tim in the playpen for the night.

February 5, 2017:
  I thought I was going to have to run Tiny Tim to OFD in the morning, I was getting concerned he was obstructed. I took him in to run him under the warm water in the tub this morning, I got a steady stream of pee out of him.. he is looking brighter and actually sleeping curled up. I let him have his out time in the library with his cage mates for the night. I am thrilled he is getting better.

February 4, 2017:
  Tiny Tim is in distress, I am not sure if he has a UTI or an obstruction, he had a tiny drip of pee with blood in, I started him on Moxy, then called Doc's office. He was not on today but Dr Pepper called me back. Told me the Moxy was the correct coarse to go add Dex to relieve any inflammation. I also gave him some pain meds he could not settle down he was so uncomfortable. I gave him his second dose of Moxy in soup with more pain meds, settled him into the playpen with his sissy Ebony. He seemed to have more pee coming out at that time.. I do so hope it is an infection or we are in real trouble.

January 2, 2017:
  Ebony's bottom is starting to look better. It is still red but not as bad as it had been. I have her on Moxy 2 times a day and I am putting antibiotic cream on her bottom twice a day as well. OFD used dissolving stitches so I will not have to mess with her to remove them. The incision is healing nicely.

January 1, 2017:
  Ebony's bottom is looking a bit red and inflamed, I started her on Moxy this morning and will put some antibiotic cream on her when I go back down stairs. I did not have any in the medicine drawer when I looked for it. I will take my tube down.

December 24, 2016:
  Doc says that cyst was not a sebaceous cyst it is called something else but I don't remember what. Ebony has 3 stitches in her bottom, she seems to be doing well.

December 24, 2016:
Dear far away Mom - we got to open our presents.. take a look, Mum only got me - Tiny Tim - and Leo done so far . Leo was going crazy doing a happy dance. I just looked around to see what there was to see.
  Far away Mom thanks for helpen us take care of our Mum! We love you soo much.
  Tiny Tim and Leo - more to come


December 22, 2016:
  Ebony has a sebaceous cyst between her back legs that has gotten pretty big and ugly. I called OFD to see if I could get her in on the 29th, doc said bring her in (it is the only Thursday I have off to get her there) Ebony's appointment is at 10.

December 12, 2016:
Dear Mr. Butch and Miss Debbie. Mum let me get into our Christmas stuff. Wow you sure sent us lots and lots to us. I think I have picked the wild animal print for my home. I love everything you sent. Thanks for helpen our Mum take care of us.


October 27, 2016:
  Hi cyber friends and supporters, remember I told you about the bed Mum and Miss Tina brought in for us? Tiny Tim loves that bed! When Mum puts the 6 pack in that room that is the first place Tiny Tim heads for. The ball on that bed is his favorite, Mum did not put that there! Tiny Tim may not have the use of his back legs but that sure does not stop him from getting where he wants to go.
I am off to find some trouble - have a good day!


October 27, 2016:
  Ebony is doing really well on her 3 doses of Pred a day, Tiny Tim loves that new bed, I find him on it every time they are out. Louise is doing better, she must have just had a bad day.

October 24, 2016:
  we got the kids bed into the house, it is too big for the kitchen end of the dining room so we moved things around putting the bed in the library. The kids had a ball and like their new bed.


October 20, 2016:
  While Mum was cleaning cages she walked passed the 6 packs cage and saw Reggie sprawled out under the food dishes. She grabbed the camera hoping he would not move until she did. He stayed put and she got 2 pictures. Mum got a picture of Star and Ebony sleeping in the toy box. And a picture of Miss Danielle loving on Tiny Tim with Cooper and Ruby looking to find some trouble.


October 20, 2016:
  Ebony is responding very well to the Pred 3 times a day. She is up and ready when I get to the cage door to get her, eats every drop of her soup when served.

September 29, 2016:
  Ebony - is on Pred as of yesterday.. the meter read "low"

September 24, 2016:
  Ili found Ebony (part of the 6 pack) a bit out of it yesterday, I will do a BG on her today. I did add her to the list of kids that get soup every day. She got a bowl last night and again this morning, I am so glad I teach them to like soup as soon as they come in.

September 5, 2016:
  Oh here, this is where I found Tiny Tim - everyone feels bad for him because he is paraplegic but that does not seem to stop him from climbing.


June 5, 2016:
  It was not Reggie that was lost this morning, it was Ebony. I've found her! We have 6 little bodies back in the cage I can now breath and relax.

April 30, 2016:
  I finally got a picture of Tiny Tim in the sleep boxes up top of the cages, take a look - Mary Ellen wanted to get him a ferret flyer to help him get around.. no need to do anything of the sort, he is in the highest box there is in that room.. bless his little heart he gets up there on his own.


April 10, 2016:
  A picture of Tiny Tim, I found him in the star, I grabbed him up got the camera, it was a decent shot considering.


April 8, 2016:
  the other morning I was looking for the 6 pack, they were in the playroom all night. I found Star in the Play pen - always do - she climbs and jumps in but can't get out. I keep the play pen empty when the 6 pack has the Playroom. I could not find Tiny Tim, he had gotten himself all the way to the top of the cage into the sleep box. That little guy gets just about any place he wants to go. I was so surprise to find him up there that I did not think to grab the camera.

February 18, 2016:
Dear Miss Sandy, the box you sent got here. We had a winter storm and it took our lectric, so we are just getting back to you. Mum is sending pictures of us using the sleep sack you sent. We love the sack.. thanks so much.


January 31, 2016:
Dear Miss Roberta, Mum let me get into my valentines presents you sent me. Mum took pictures of me, my cage buddies got to help check them out after I got to check them out on my own. That’s me (white) sitting on the top with my stuff I can't stand on my back legs like my buddies do. I love my valentine presents!
Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me.
  Tiny Tim


January 5, 2016:
  I picked Tiny Tim out of his bed, he felt heavy so I put him on the scale before I set him in the play area. He is 2# 3oz he is a chunky monkey. The entire long Island crew are big and fluffy.

December 30, 2015:
  We are so blessed to have so many helpen Mum take care of us. Thanks so much for helpen Mum make our Christmas at the shelter special...We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. - Tiny Tim


December 25, 2015:
  Christmas day at the shelter…. This is the best way to spend a Christmas.


December 14, 2015:
  Last week kept Mum really busy with packages coming in daily for us. We want to share with you, us opening our presents that have come in. The Sims Family Santa's sent us all these presents! Thanks for helpen our Mum take care of us!
  Cooper & Ebony


November 16, 2015:
  Star is the one climbing up the folded laundry. I followed her with the camera as she climbed up the window shade, and across the top of the cages. The videos are of Tiny Tim, with Cooper and Star.


November 16, 2015:
  I found Ebony sleeping in a pile with her business this morning. I found them all stuffed in the fish, at the bottom of the stairs. I have put her back in the cage with them. I checked to see where she was before shutting the shelter down, she was stuffed in the octopus with Tiny Tim for sure and who knows who else. You can tell Tiny Tim because he always has his legs hanging out from where he is sleeping.

November 14, 2015:
AM: I found Cooper and Ebony in the same sleep sack. all LI kids are up here this morning with me. Tiny Tim was so excited that I brought him up stairs that he started to try to dance. He looked funny dancing on his front end with his back end following. I had to pick him up to love on him he was so happy.
PM: When I went to put the Long Island crew away this morning, I found one of the girls curled up with Ebony, I was in too big of a rush to figure out which one of the girls it was. I put them in the pen together for the night.

November 13, 2015:
AM: Autumn is gone. I have the Long Island crew in the kitchen with Ebony, so far there are no issues, the last thing I want to do is cause Ebony to get stressed and sick again. She is finally putting on some weight.
  When a kid gets sick and is removed from a business to be treated sometimes that business does not allow that cage mate back into the fold. That is why I prefer to keep cage mates together when they are ill...with a big business like the LI crew that just did not make sense to do so. Now we see if they will allow her back. So far so good. I think what I will do is keep her in the pen a few more days but put one of the LI crew in the pen with her. A different one each day to see how that goes. I can keep a closer on her reaction and stress level that way.
PM: There were no issues with Ebony and the others, she chose to sleep alone but when the others came to sniff her out they sniffed each other. When I put them away I put Ebony and Tiny Tim in the pen I felt he was less likely to mess with her while I was at work, when I got home I moved Tiny Tim back into the cage and put Cooper in with Ebony. So far so good. Time will tell if she will acclimate back into the business.

November 11, 2015:
  Ebony wanted up to hang, I put her in with her crew...they all decided at one time to check her out, bad idea...I pulled her from the crew, I will have to reintroduce her slowly to each.
  Autumn has a bleeding ulcer and I can't stop the bleeding. I was hoping I could get her to turn around but she has had enough poking, prodding and meds pushed down her throat. She is refusing to eat soup.

November 11, 2015:
  Ebony asked to get out of the pen, so she had some time out and about. We are losing Autumn.

November 9, 2015:
AM: Ebony was eating when I got down there, Autumn is still not feeling well but we have poo not puddles dark but no black.
PM: It appears that Ebony is turning the corner, Autumn is not. You can just see how miserable she feels.

November 8, 2015:
  Ebony is looking a bit more perky but Autumn is not, they both got fluids and meds this morning.

November 7, 2015:
  I found Autumn not feeling well this morning, I've tucked her in the playpen with Ebony. Ebony had her face in the kibble dish when I got in there this morning. I had to give them both fluids after medications.

November 6, 2015:
  Ebony is still with us, skin and bone, I found her eating kibble, she took a fair amount of soup tonight by dropper. Her poops are well formed and now brown so I am not sure why I can't get some weight on her. I learned the hard way that the Long Island crew can't have the playroom Star got herself up and into the play pen. I tagged their cage.

November 4, 2015:
  When it was time to put the kids away yesterday morning I tucked the LI kids in the playpen with Ebony. I had hoped she would feel better having her mates, I left them there while I was out for my afternoon runs. It really made no difference. I had to give Ebony fluids again this morning. I am at a loss with this kid, she was eating kibble and then this morning she has lost ground.

November 3, 2015:
  I found Ebony looking poor again, she did however take more soup than usual, she did not need fluids.

November 2, 2015:
  Ebony is eating kibble, I think she is finally starting to put on some weight. She is still skinny but she is not so much skeleton.

November 1, 2015:
AM: Ebony is still very thin, but her eyes are brighter and she is more alert. She did not need fluids this morning, took a bit more soup than she has been, her poo is more formed and leaning on the brownish side instead of black.
PM: I found Ebony eating kibble twice today...I am thrilled!

October 31, 2015:
  Ebony is stable she is not moving forward but she is not getting any worse, I did not need to do fluids yesterday but she needed them today. She was up moving around some last night when I was in working on covering poo pans. Sandy is much improved. She is now on Pred one time a day for the time being, she is back to eating kibble and her soup.

October 28, 2015:
  Cooper was up with his face in the food dish several times today, Ebony has been up and moving on all 4 feet an improvement. Star has been put back in with her business.

October 27, 2015:
  Cooper had his face in the food dish this morning, Ebony was responsive but still needed fluids, she was not interested in soup but when you are dehydrated you are not interested in food. I will try some soup before I shut the shelter down before going to work.

October 26, 2015:
AM: Mocha is gone. Ebony is still with she was responsive so she got meds and I brought her up here to get some out time. Cooper looks oaky he too was responsive so maybe they are settling in now.
PM: Ebony is still hanging in, I have been offering her soup throughout the day she takes about a ml or 2 by dropper without force, better than what she was doing when Ili was trying to get her to eat Saturday through clinched teeth. She did not need fluids tonight so maybe we have this beat. Cooper is doing okay. Ruby was picking on Star this morning, so I moved Star into the playpen with Ebony. They were sleeping together this afternoon. Here is that picture of Star AKA "O" it is not a very good one because I was afraid she would fall or keep going and I wanted proof we had our own little O.


October 25, 2015:
AM: Mocha is not responding to treatment, she wants no more poking and prodding. Ebony is brighter and more responsive this morning. She was sniffing at the food. Sandy has nasty poo, but is not dehydrated and did take a minimal amount of soup this morning. I gave Ebony and Sandy Carafate, Ebony got fluids, I have decided I am not going to push Mocha any further. I will keep her comfortable.
PM: I expect Mocha will not be with us in the morning, when I checked on her about 7 she looked a bit more ready to fight so I gave her fluids, however this afternoon she has given up. Ebony is responding and seems to be improving, Cooper has lost a lot of weight so I started him on Carafate and soup.

October 24, 2015:
  Mocha is not doing well and I expect we will not save her. I did give her fluids this morning, but she was cool to the touch when I got her up, she responded but barely.

October 15, 2015:
  I put the long Island 8 in the dining room, here are some pictures I took this morning while they were in there.


October 13, 2015:
  The 8 seem to have weathered their long day well, they are up and romping.

October 12, 2015:
  The visit with Doc went well. 5 of the kids are about 2- 1/2 yrs - 3 of them are a year old, no I need to remember what ones. Tiny Tim, Doc says is hind end weakness is probably a past injury. He palpated the spine and found no malformation or lumps on his spine. Doc said I could try a steroid but he does not figure that will do any good. Tiny has already had some improvement since he got here on Friday, he uses his back feet as paddles, he was not doing that when he came in. He may with exercise regain some movement.

October 10, 2015:
  The 8 did well overnight.

October 9, 2015:
  The new kids are here, they got in about 1:30.




September 21, 2015, Initial contact, Adrienne:
Hello i received your rescues information regarding ferret rescue. I work for a vet hospital on LI and someone surrendered 8 ferrets. My coworker and i are the only ones with exotic experience but she rents where no animals except one day are allowed and I live with my disabled grandfather who smokes :( I don't know if your rescue has room for these guys but I figured I'd try.
Two are males and six are female. They all seem healthy except one female doesn't use her back legs that well. Plays eats and even goes to the corner to poop/pee. I appreciate your time and efforts.