Luke With A Faraway Moms Special Toy

Luke Has Found A New Home

Luke and Ernie came into the Shelter together.
Ernie has earned his wings on April 17, 2007.

Luke has found his 4-ever home on September 30, 2008!


The boys were found in a cage in an apartment the owners moved out of. They left the boys in the apartment to stave to death. The land lord found them and called the local wild life rehabilitator. She got them back on their feet them brought them to me. On 09-15-06 they were approximately 2 years old.

Update: December 27, 2010

I wanted to let you know we said good-bye to Uncle Lukey this a.m. His meds seemed to help his heart a little on Saturday and then yesterday he took a turn for the worse.

I spent a lot of time with him reminiscing about our Road trip to Pittsburgh and all our Walk Abouts and times he made us laugh and remember not to take life too seriously. I'm sure Tunes, Eggie, Teddy, Smokey and Feetsie were there to greet him as well as his cagemate Ernie from the shelter.

White Bear and Junior BOING BOING were dedicated right to the end, sleeping with him and checking on him when he was resting. Luke taught Junior BOING well. He sure was an honorable and dignified ferret.

Doc is going to do a necropsy on him this a.m. so I can share the adrenal measurements with Doc Wagner for the study. He is always interested in taking the time to do a necropsy so he can learn more about them. He has his own little theories that make so much sense. I think the opportunity to get a look inside is the only way to answer those questions and theories. I appreciate him and his staff so much!!

Updated: September 5, 2010
I'm smiling big smiles for Luke. I am using my kids in a healing experiment with tuning forks. The concept is that when our body lowers its vibrational level it get "disease." I've not used it much in the healing touch/massage I have done on people but that little voice suggested it for some ferrets lately. Then last week I thought - Lukey is slowing down now.... well what a difference. He has a little more get up in his gallop and tonight after soup he wanted to take a run not only through the tube but the box I set up as an imitation tunnel tower of fun! I heard someone going through the tube and saw three other ferrets sitting by the soup bowl -- well the only one missing was Lukey!! I did roll the box a little so he could find success in the steeper angle,. but he never gave up! Once he got out though he headed to bed!

Updated: July 19, 2010
Certainly, I'll send one in a few days as I work on them. FYI they are all doing well. Luke did finally go on Pred and Diazoxide, but it has not slowed him down any! Jack just got a Des implant. He and Jillie are still gorgeous ferrets. Scooter now lies in our arms and snuggles on Mike's chest. Charlies is far friendlier and comes by for a snuggle but it is usually far shorter that Pootsie's.

I believe I told you my beloved Eggie (Jack of Sammie and Jack) succumbed to lymphoma. I was quite thankful it was such a short period of time that he showed any symptoms. Doc called me personally and requested I bring him in so he might do a necropsy which he put on his tab. He was shocked when I called to cancel the ultrasound (in which he was looking for lymphoma because it was not found on papation of the lymph glands.). He called me back and was so great about explaining what he found and expressing his sympathy. I just love all of them over there! 

Hope all is well with the shelter kids and you. CR

Updated: March 19, 2010
Lukey has been out on the patio step with his nose in the air and waiting by the door to sneak past us to do his happy dance on the side patio. He just makes anyone watching him feel so glad to be alive as he expresses his love for life dooking and dancing in the sun and feeling Mother Nature's breeze blow across him. His fur texture brings a new sensation to the description of soft. He and Edgar got their second Des implants after 17 months.

Updated: February 13, 2010
All kids are well. Luke and Eggie are going to get ultrasounds to compare original measurements as I think they are running out of Des in the implant - Luke is getting aggressive - Luke of all ferrets - the lover!! 17 months isn't bad! Both have gorgeous coats still. Scooter got Des in October, had new Des hairs in 4 weeks. Scooter and Charlie are very cuddly bears now. Jack and Jill are hysterical. They are like watching three Stooges movies with toys in and out of rooms chasing each other. Both still have the beautiful coats they came with. Jillie is still mopping!
More later CR.

Update: September 24, 2008
Psst, are you there Mum, Psst, its me Luke. I think I've got a forever home. I was snuggling in the cupboard with this big guy Smokey and I heard my foster Mom and Pop talking. I think I might be getting to stay here. She's getting the cage from the garage so more than just me can fit in it. There was lots of laughing and Poppa picks me up and says, "are you still here? Then he rubs my belly." I'm eating soup and kibble and I even like these chicken treats they're like sticks we won in a big raffle box. We got a new tent and a new bed and more treats and other stuff Mom put away because we already have those things out.

I think I hear sooouuupie being yelled that means it time for dinner, gotta go. Thanks for taking such good care of me.
Lots of hugs, Lukey, Dukey Boy